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Logan Elm High School Reviews

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Logan Elm High School is located in the small town of Circleville, Ohio. Because of this, you know anyone and everyone. Class sizes are small. Classrooms are easy to find and there are a great number of amazing teachers there.
At Logan Elm, it is a very close school because of the small number of students. The Music and arts are amazing, teachers are wonderful in that they are always willing to help and you will find it easy to become close to them. Academics were alright, but i think they should try to push students a little harder and maybe find better ways of presenting/teaching in certain classes/areas.
As a student at Logan Elm, I’ve come to find our school has many faults. We don’t have air conditioning, computer accessibility is quite low, and we don’t have the safest school grounds. My school consists of one main building, the trailers, and the AG barn. Students have to walk out in the open every day, with little to no protection. Parents became worrisome, they asked the school for a levy, proposing we destroy all the different elementaries and have one big campus k-12. 2022-2023 should be the year when the first students can walk the new halls, although right now we do not have the best learning environment, we are a family. I believe that living in these small towns in such a rural area, it has brought us closer together and I am proud to say I am a Logan Elm student. The teachers have to be the kindest people I have met, overall they really care about the students and encourage us to do great things with our lives. Logan Elm will always be held close to my heart.
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The teachers and staff at Logan Elm are absolutely amazing. Each teacher gives their students one on one academic learning time, and are very supportive in student goals. They also promote students learninf capabilities as well as thw intrest in college.
Great staff, horrible budget and building, country and definitely racist individuals, horrible food, great athletics, amazing coaches, money = power
I like that Logan Elm is different than other schools. It is an older building and that makes it rare. It makes it feel like home. I can see my future children going there. The teachers are very hands on and insuring on helping.
This school has been able to provide me with critical learning experiences, while also guiding me to a future of success.
My high school experience at Logan Elm High School could not have been any better. Some might say that it is a bad thing that Logan Elm is such a small school, but I think it is a great thing. You get to have one-on-one time with any teacher because of the small amount of students, there is time for everyone. Every teacher that works at this school is brilliant and unique in their own special way. They make every class period memorable, even if it is just taking a simple math test that day. If there was one thing that could be changed about our school, it would be for our district to get new school buildings. The current building is rundown and needs some TLC. Other than the building issue, Logan Elm High School is a wonderful place to attend school.
My experience at Logan Elm High School adequately prepared me for my college career. The relationships made with the instructors at this high school will last a lifetime and It was an overall great experience.
Did not have that many friends.
Teachers want their students to succeed.
The teachers at Logan Elm all teach because they love it. The teachers try to use different teaching methods from group and individual projects to using videos to reinforce lessons to taking notes on important subjects. The teachers really try to push their students to be the best they can be without pushing us to the breaking point. Our school is in between corn fields, literally, but they still make the best of our situation. We don't have the best heating system in the winter or technology around, but that does not deter them from giving us an outstanding quality of education. I have never had any problems with receiving help in any of the subjects I'm struggling in. They make me feel comfortable and I can tell that they actually want me to get an education, not just a meaningless good grade. Many of the teachers at Logan Elm could make more money at other schools where they have a lot of electronics, reliable internet, and air conditioning in the summer, however they stay here because they love their job. Without a doubt, Logan Elm has some of the best teachers around.
I do love my school, and the people who attend. My desire to change some aspects of this school stems from my motivation to help others around me.
The school has a small town view on education. Which is appropriate for the location. However, for anyone attempting to leave the confines of the small town, the education leaves a lot to be desired. Class choices are limited and class sizes too large.
The atheltics d not have many opportunties
There is little to no diversity
There are not many clubs or organizations
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consistency in grading is not good.
They give you very little food and its gross.
Best that can be offered given available resources.
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