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During my high school career I found it hard to feel accepted in my school system. The students around were very judgmental and so were the teachers. It was the students who had money and that came to school the best dressed who had the best grades. I still always had good grades and tried to be attentive although everything I was going through outside of school. I know my school could change in ways that would make everyone feel more welcomed. I would love to think the administration wants the best for every student but honestly I have experienced the opposite. Im so thankful to say that my high school experience not only pushed me to be a better person but to treat others with respect and give them the potential everyone deserves.
I am a senior at Logan County and I absolutely love this school. I have been to nine schools in my life and this has been my favorite one. I have never felt as welcome as I do here. The staff is the best. The teachers teach with knowledge and love. The counselors actually care. My school is my second home and I am proud to go here.
Logan County High School is a school of collaboration and creativity and we build on each other to become better learners.
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I enjoy going to Logan County High School. I enjoy the atmosphere but expect more. There is poor diversity. There are not many kids who look like me and it is very apparent whether that is obvious or not. There are lots of inside circles at the school that are unfair to other students. I do feel as if there are a couple of faculty and staff members who care about me. I think that after high school, there are a few people who work there that I can reference to and that can help me as I enter the work force. It is a misconception that the school only cares about sports. I can attest that this statement is false and that the faculty and staff at Logan County High School work hard to make sure the students feel safe and are ready for the real world.
Logan County High was my second home for my four years of high school. It was a great experience being around friends, family, and a loving/caring school staff. I played basketball for all four years, three of them being on the varsity basketball team. Logan County sports program are near top of the line with the new winning football, basketball, and volleyball teams. Logan offers many clubs and extracurricular activities. I was in DECA for 2 half of my highschool years and loved it, we got to take trips and have a good time all while learning at the same time.
Logan county was a great place for me to get involved and meet lots of people. I made relationships with all my teachers and made many clothes friends through clubs and organizations. I would like to see more clubs be made at Logan County.
Logan County High School offered a great school culture and sense of community. All of the teachers and staff showed that they truly cared about our success and plans for the future. Attending this school put me ahead in my college career, by taking dual credit classes and earning college credit.
The teachers are awesome, bullying is at a minimal, and everyone has a safety net whether it be friends, teachers, or counselors. The principal walks around and says goodmorning to everyone he sees. The clubs and organizations are also cool, including the Academic Team.
At Logan County High School, one thing I have always loved is the closeness of everyone including faculty and teachers. We all get along very well and can joke around with each other(including teachers) while being respectful.
Logan County gives you a lot of classes that help you become career ready and help you find and study your career pathway.
I love my high school! I could not be any prouder to be a Cougar. The students and teachers are the absolute best. Each morning my amazing principal greets me with a big smile and a friendly "good morning"! I have not had any bad experienes at my high school.
Logan County High School is a wonderful school that lacks in certain departments. the food isn't very good, there are salads but lunch is very expensive. especially if you pay for it your self
I liked the different options for electives as well as the support of the students from both parents and the staff.
Logan County High School, a school deep in the Western Kentucky countryside, would initially give the impression of a poor, primitive program. However, the opposite is true. Having lived in multiple different states, I can recognize the level and effectiveness of different schools. Logan County High School, despite its geographical location, is one of the more established, respected, and enriching academic institutions in the state of Kentucky, ranking extremely well in all categories, from sport and extracurriculars to academics and performing arts. Logan County High School is truly a great place to learn, and it is a priveledge to be a future graduate here.
Logan County High School is filled with wonderful people. I genuinely enjoy going to school everyday because the teachers are incredible and teach you not just lessons in school, but lessons for life. The school spirit is outrageous and game days are comparable to holidays. The staff and administration at LCHS work unbelievably hard to help prepare us for college and our careers. Without a doubt, Logan County has helped to make my future bright.
Logan County High School was an amazing place to grow as a person that has a culture focused on promoting the success of every student.
The Logan County Career and Technical Center is wonderful. It’s a very large facility that can accommodate many different interests. The teachers are very experienced and care about guiding you in the right direction. Here you have the opportunity to prepare yourself for a job right out of high school because of the wide array of certifications you can obtain. This education can also help you gain an understanding of what you are interested in and what you might need to pursue in college. At Logan County High School there are also many opportunities. What has benefited me the most is the dual credit courses that are offered. This allows you to get a head start in college and saves you a large amount of money.
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Overall, Logan County High School prepares students for the future academically. The teachers are dedicated to the education of the students! There are a variety of ways that students can become involved, such as band, drama club, sports, and other clubs.
I have been in Logan county district all my life and they treat you as if you was they were your own. I would not trade schools at all. the only thing I would change about Logan county is better safety for the students.
A nice safe high school full of caring teachers who want to see the best out of their students. The trade school is Great! I took as many of the architecture courses as I possible good, and loved every minute of it!
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