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Lodi has a very safe school district. They try their best to make everyone feel safe and welcomed. I really like how my school supports our clubs and sports, but try their best to give us the best education they can. But it's high school, so it can only be so good.
Lodi High School is a great place for someone that enjoys small schools and always working with the community. One thing id like to change about the high school are the lunch options. There should be healthier choices for kids to make as a main course. Most of the options include a lot of carbohydrates and are not healthy for most our kids.
My experience with Lodi High School has overall been pretty good. I feel that they have a good amount of diverse classes available to take. Our school culture exceeds most expectations due to the lack of bullying and how everyone gets along. Lodi High School is very successful in many ways such as our sports and our new science and technology classes. One thing that I would change about our school is that they do not allow a lot of freedom and students are kept under very strict guidelines.
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Lodi High School is a small public school in Lodi, Wisconsin. It's a great small community. The motto is "Lodi Pride". Lodi school district is very supportive and wants what's best for the students. Students always come first. At the end of a school year, upperclassmen make a Lodi pride video for the beginning of the next school year. That video is then shown to the new incoming freshman. It just helps the new students learn a little bit more about Lodi High School. I highly recommend the Lodi School District.
I honestly love my school. I commute over 25 minutes to get there every day (I open enroll) and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else
There isn't anything stand out about Lodi. Overall the school classes are rather basic, with a fair amount of AP classes. The sports are apparently good, and the music program is very nice, it offers 3 different choirs, and a yearly musical. The art department has great teachers, and has nice programs like VAC. They're is only 1 foreign language class, which is something I wish they'd improve.
My experiences at Lodi High School is very inexplicable. This is a good experience everyone is so nice and helpful.
I loved meeting me friends there and they have a lot of sports and clubs you can join to meet new friends. They could work on dealing with people that are getting bullied.
I enjoyed high school only because of the teachers and friends I had. Our principal has utilized an "align by design" system where students are sorted into "prep," "general," and "AP/honors" courses. The AP classes taught at my high school were college-level courses. My AP Language and Composition course was harder than an English class I took in college. From my experience and my friend's experiences, we were forced to be in AP classes regardless of whether we wanted to take them or not. Overall, there were several students in AP classes who shouldn't have been in AP classes or didn't want to take them and students in prep classes who shouldn't have been in them either. My high school experience was memorable in a good way only because my teachers recognized the fault in the system and compensated for the fact that high school freshman were taking the equivalent to introductory college courses, whether they wanted to or not. I would like to see this changed.
Lodi is a school I call home. I feel it is a school that if you are a old or new student to the district you are always welcome. Everybody knows everybody.
I recommend it.
Lodi High is an interesting school. It offers a lot of different activities and educational opportunities. The one I would change about Lodi High is that there would be less clicks around campus.
Extracurricular activities, though not nearly as prominent as athletics, are adequately supported by administrators
Teachers are relatively readily available to help students, and do a decent job of teaching, depicting an adequate knowledge of their subjects
Adequate measures are taken to ensure that the health of students and faculty is protected
Overall I would say it is just adequate. The politics in the district are unbelievable at times, with divided areas from primary to high school levels. Taking that out of the equation the experience has been adequate.
I have played 3 sports all 4 years of high school and the attendance at games has always been great. Also my teams have always been very competitive and winners. Also other teams in the school that I haven't been a part of have also been extremely competitive. In my 4 years, I think with all the activities we have made 13 state appearances. There are many different activities and something for everyone.
I have participated in 3 sports all four years and I have made many great memories with my teammates, both on and off the field. Also in the classroom, in almost every class there is a great atmosphere.
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The teachers here, for the most part are friendly and encouraging of students and other staff members.
THere are sports as well as an excellent forensics and mock trial team.
This is a small school with lots of opportunities for all kids including sports and academics.
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