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I believe that I received great leadership skills within the school with their various opportunities to demonstrate these skills. What I would like the see change is the diversity of different course subjects available for students to take.
I lived in Lodi all my life. Its a pretty small community so we all know each other and grew up together. The academics is about the same you would get at any other public school, however, the AP classes are not anything compared to the college courses I've taken so far. The teachers teaching them are great but the material given is less than satisfactory. Outside of that, nothing really sets this school apart from every other public high school in the Bergen district.
Lodi High School is not the best academically. But the teachers are very supportive and try their best to form close relationships with their students as a way to help them excel. The school is physically very nice, whether it be the field , gym, or classrooms.
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At Lodi High School I have had an amazing time meeting new people of different cultures and being a small school you are very close with everyone. It really feels like a Lodi family. They added a new engineering curriculum which I am happy to see.
I liked the persistence and help from the teachers for state testing and graduations requirements. Everyone in the school is actively involved in either sports extracurricular activities or in any club that Lodi High School presents to the students. There are many ways students can be given after school help or improve their skills and knowledge with the help of the teachers.
My experience at Lodi high School was a memorable one. A large chunk of that credit goes to the teachers who are always willing to go out of their way to help you and make sure you are okay. Not to mention, the clubs and activities that the school offers is a another major reason why my experience at high school was a great one.
Like all schools there are ups and downs; I feel as if the guidance department as well as administrative department was lacking at times, though overall it was not unbearable. The teachers, for the most part, are understanding and willing to work with students to help them achieve their best grades.
Lodi High School is diverse and offers challenging courses. Through your years you will find amazing teaches that let you love the subject.
The 4 years spent at this school were wasted years. The only reason I don't regret any of it is because I have made some very good friends that I will likely keep for life. However, the lack of quality teaching is what really stands out about this school. Even students with 4.0 GPAs and higher constantly complain about the lack of effort and care put in by teachers. Additionally, there aren't many resources available to make up for this.
Lodi High School is very diverse and fun. There are a lot of opportunities to help with your career path and just help become a better student overall.
I had the opportunity to see my potential through the participation of different activities, programs, and clubs such as the PreMed Club, Interact Club, and Greentech
It is a good school, teachers and counselors are always willing to help you. It is a good environment with caring people programs and several different cultures that attend the school so no one is left out. There are several cameras in the building and security officers to make sure the right people get in the school. The school requires you to wear uniforms as well instead of having to wear your own clothes instead of being judged by others.
There are many opportunities to be involved in this school; there's something for everyone, even if you're the type who doesn't get too involved much. As long as you take advantage of your time here; you'll make them a great 4 years.
I'm currently a student of Lodi High School, for all these years, and I was able to see all efforts this high school is and has done to improve in creating an environment that make me feel as a student comfortable, safe.
I'm glad that I was able to be part of this school and make some beautiful memories with me that will last forever .
My experience at Lodi high school was one that I’ll never forget. Most teachers are kind and helpful. School was kept as clean as possible. And the lunch was really good.
Personally, I had a pretty good and eventful experience with Lodi high. I was involved in sports and extracurricular activities so it made my experience more memorable. Most of the staff is very helpful and kind, some not so much.
The teachers and staff at Lodi High School are always willing to go above and beyond their "job description" to make students not only excel in their classes but feel comfortable in the school as well.
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Lodi High School is a decent school. The faculty caters to the students and make many opportunities that students can take advantage of inside and outside of school.
I have been at Lodi High School since freshman year 2015 and in my opinion it is a great school, the teachers are great and supportive of their students, the administration always makes sure that everything in the school is going the way it's suppose to and there is always security in the school for the protection of the students. Being a senior at Lodi High School is a blast and it is safe to say that my time and experiences at Lodi High School are unforgettable.
After being in Lodi Highschool for a third year now I can safely say there are many opportunities for students to be involved. The school offers numerous kinds of clubs and sports. I definitely think there is something for everyone to take part in no matter who you are. Although this is true, there is a lack of encouragement for students to be more involved, thus, having students complain about it being boring. Nonetheless, if you take advantage of the opportunities you’ll have an amazing 4 years. As for academics, I haven’t had a teacher that is horrendous. They’re either average or outstanding. There is a felician academy program that is incredible for students to get a free college experience. The sports are ok but the people make it exciting and fun. Basically, the experience there is what you make of it.
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