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I like the school because the classes and teachers I had were very good and nice. I had a great high school experience there and the clubs there are very fun too.
my experience at lodi high was amazing. the teachers were amazing they don´t let their students fail. This school helped me experience many this so many adventures. I was part of an academy and the academy helped decide that i wanted to be a teacher for preschoolers. it helped me in many ways which i am very proud and i wouldn't change my last 4 years at lodi high.
My experience at Lodi High School was excellent! The teachers, staff, and students were very encouraging and truly had my best interest at heart! As I embark on my college journey, I will forever cherish my time a Lodi High.
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At Lodi High, there are many great things. We have a great French program, science olympiad, environmental club, and more. However, Lodi High could use some improvements like including more students in a multitude of activities.
What I like about Lodi High School is that Lodi High School has finally gotten involved in esports. However, what I would like them to change is how they prepare school for college and how to be successful in life by teaching the students more about finances and taxes.
As part of a member at Lodi High School, I have enjoyed the communication between teachers, staffs and students on campus. Lodi High tries to bring a great impact on children's future by getting students involved and having them participate in rewards for leading by example other students on campus. Lodi high staff communicates with students to effectively proportion support to students who are having a difficult time with school or a general personal problem.
The one thing I really enjoy about my high school is different friends and teachers that you meet. You create relationships and bonds you create with teachers, coaches and staff members. As a senior I can tell you the amount of effort teachers go through when it comes to helping students. Beside teachers and staff members, part of the experience that comes with attending Lodi High is the strong pride that the students show during games, spirit days or rallys. In this recent year our new principal has allowed more diversity to be shown, which permitted students to show their home culture. Just as any other high schools there are downs that come with Lodi High. Some of those include vandalism done by students to the bathrooms, and the increasing amount of students littering across campus. However, despite this downs, I can say that during my four years, I have learned lessons from teachers that will guide me beyond high school and that is more important than any textbook material.
Lodi High is an average school in my point of view. It is not the best but it is not the worst, although many of my peers dislike this school. The teachers are alright, there is just some who actually care for you, and the rest seem to not. This school is not culturally diverse. The school is made up of mostly white students. Minorities such as the Hispanics, the African-Americans, and Muslims are looked down upon. As a Hispanic i say this because we have no voice in this school. Out of the four years at this school there was only one day that was dedicated to us Mexicans for a spirit day, and that was the day of the dead. Involving other ethnic groups and letting their voice shine is something this school will need to work on. Overall this school is just average and nothing special.
I'm currently a senior attending Lodi High School. I would definitely recommend any student to attend this school since it's a very good place to receive an education that will benefit one in their future. In the past four years since I entered Lodi High school I've had zero problems with staff, teachers, or students.
The academics and the teachers are the best thing about Lodi High School. I was an AP student, and so I felt like many of my teachers cared about my education and success. When it came to the AP exams I felt very prepared and confident. One thing I would like to change about the school is the campus. The campus needs to be cleaned or redesigned because it's very old and worn done in some places. Another thing I would like to change are the teachers, because though I had good teachers there were some who were bias towards race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. When they were questioned about it, they denied it and I want the administration to start listening to students' complaints and solve the issue more effectively. Despite that, Lodi High School was very good in my experiences because I had teachers who treated me with respect and wanted me to succeed.
I did not enjoy my high school experience while at Lodi. Because of this, I decided to graduate early to ensure I did not have to spend time around the staff and students at Lodi.
I had a very good experience attending LHS. I liked all my teachers and sports coaches. I felt like the faculty really cared about all of their students.
The school as a whole is fairly good, with strong focus on both academics and sports. However the school culture could be improved upon, but maybe the culture would improve with diversity, and vice versa. Of course the school tries hard to improve its food programs, and overall safety thanks to high parental involvement. Overall, a fairly good high school.
Perhaps a change in how counseling takes place because I encouraged friends to meet their counselors to discuss college and their futures, but others did not and I think perhaps a regular monthly meeting with a counselor can enable or encourage students more.
I like the teachers. It's a nice school. It's safe and it tests high. I would like to see renovations done. It's an old school but that's all that's bad about it.
I really enjoyed the teachers that worked at Lodi High, they had a huge influence in what I will pursue as a career because of their teaching methods. Although the teachers were good, I felt the rest of the school did not live up to the quality of teachers, the faculty did not stand out in many positive characteristics and the physical nature of the school was in very poor condition which made teaching a struggle for some teachers.
I love Lodi High! I am surrounded by new opportunities and chances for new experiences every day. So many people (teachers and students) will show that they care about me and each other, and we want to help one another succeed. The school does its best to prepare students for and ultimately encourage college readiness. However, because the school is not very racially diverse, I would like to see more representation of minorities or ways t spread understanding, along with bringing unity to our school. I would like to see faculty, administrators, teachers, and other students more often to speak to us, so we can form closer bonds as a school and create a greater sense of school spirit.
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My four years in high school were very good! My freshmen year I met my two favorite teachers who helped me the rest of the rest school and were always there for me. Even though I did have those two teachers many of my other teachers didn't always have time for every student and I would fall behind. When I would ask for individual help my teacher either put there attention to those who were more like them or didn't help me out at all but also hearing other students saying that that same teacher i asked help with helped them tree times a week. So a difference I would like to see is more teachers helping out and being more involved in students life. Especially those who are falling behind.
What I like about Lodi High school is that it gives us a variety of different curriculum and courses that helps us prepare for the future. It has different programs to help us succeed in college. One thing that I would like to see a change in is diversity. I think that there isn't a lot of diversity in the school. Many kids have said/done racial things that aren't appropriate and i would just like to see a change in that.
I joined Lodi high school in my sophomore year, before than that I've never been to any of schools in U.S. I came to U.S. in Feb 2017. I didn't know nay English, but teachers helped me a lot and I learned a lot in these 2 years I love Lodi high school.
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