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I would like to see more preparation being done in order to give students a greater opportunity in preparing for college. Most of the staff members are very friendly, and often make efforts to build relationships with their students.
There are many ways in which Lodi Academy has given me a great high school experience. Overall, this is a great school that without a doubt will play a tremendous role in the physical, mental, spiritual, social, and academic growth of any student that attends.
I have been here for four years of my high school year. This school doesn't offer enough Advanced Programs or clubs. We do have most of the sports teams, like basketball, volleyball, and football. Most of the teachers here are dedicated to the school and are very passionate about it. You can learn a lot from them. The school does not have enough diversity for sure because most of the time you feel like the minority and the odd one out. The students are not very involved and do not have high school spirit. Overall, this is a very conservative school.
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Prepared me very well for the future. The environment of Lodi Academy is one that you would definitely want to be around.
I attended Lodi Academy for all four years of my high school experience. There was, of course, personal ups and downs and changes in the administration during my time there. Though the school itself along with number of students and faculty is often small the academics at the school are well oriented, and two AP classes are provided. The teachers at the school are interested in the overall well-being of the students, and not just their academics. Individual classes (Freshmen, Sophmore, Junior, Senior) prefer hanging out within their own class group, but do have friends outside of their own class. Recent remodeling has been done to the school, giving the school a new makeover with new locker rooms, a gazebo, and a firepit; although the tree that was once in front of the office will be missed. The food is fantastic, and worth buying even though it's exclusively vegetarian. Overall the school is quite good, though it s what you make of it on your own.
The school is good. Tuition is expensive and the class sizes are small. I live far, so it takes me a long time to get to and from school. There are not that many teachers there, so you're pretty much stuck with the same math teacher for all four years.
My experience for Lodi academy has helped my in every sense. I have exceeded academic wise, grown spiritually, and have had so many opportunities that I would not have otherwise. The teachers are fantastic and most are willing to take the extra time to help you understand something, especially if you were gone. I think more classes could be added, like drivers ed, but they are working on it so I'm happy about that!
My experience with Lodi Academy, has been a very difficult one. I have never felt accepted at that school because of the attitude of the students. They think they deserve everything. If you go to talk to the principal about an issue that needs to be taken care of he hardly ever takes care of it, in fact I can count on my hands how many times hes actually done something for that school. I love the lunch program, the lunch lady is very nice and kind to everyone she meets. I absolutely hate the p.e. teacher he has not made my life easy at all. When I first got to high school i had all these hopes and dreams of what my high school career would encounter but hardly any of those have actually come true. I honestly can not wait to graduate and leave that hell hole and I know for a fact I am not the only one who feels this way. Yes there are some good moments but there are a lot more bad then good.
It is an academy school where different high schools come to this school and take part of ROP.
This school is for ROP which is where different high schools students come to learn a class that will help them in the future. For example, I was interested in a teaching career and I was able to volunteer in an elementary class where I was able to help a class out.
All teachers take their job serious and they are there to help. Most teachers give it their all and really like getting to know a student.
Athletes a tend sports outside of the academy.
The teachers go above to help learn and do great in the teaching of the lessons
All classes medical and nursing programs and classes. Medical, computer, careers with children, fire fighters, any classes you need to catch up is great to go for.
School and staff are great, never a problem. Bullying isn't an issue at all, and dress code is strict when not off cite.
Administrative support is very strict and reliable. Helps students and adults get in the right path of getting their grades back and up. Programs help students get to the right track in the career they are interested or certificating in.
The school is kept clean by many workers.
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There could be more AP classes offered.
There could be more sports available.
It is a good school but I wish it offered more Advanced Placement classes.
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