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The teachers are awesome. Some of the teachers have been worki at the school and around the community since our parents were in s hook so they've watched us grow up.
The students at my school are mostly Native American. The school is located on the Crow Reservation in Montana so we are usually use to just Natives being in the school and having teachers from different ethnicities. Some of the teachers and staff are Crow, though. Everyone is kind of in the same situation. We're not too rich. Nor are we too poor, although some are.
I loved m high school. The staff was always there for you. The teachers became more like family. They provide the opportunities to new things. It's really up to the students to commit to something and the students take it for granted.
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The bus driver I had was always on time and based her rules on the safety of the students. Some of the rules were always sit down unless the bus is not moving, no sticking your body parts out of the window, etc.
The sports the school has is cross-country, football, volleyball, basketball, track, and golf. Most of the students participate in basketball.
The school rational the food pyramid. Like the give us a serving of fruit, veggies, and the main course. They also always have a salad bar.
I felt pretty safe at the school. I got in a fight once as a sophomore. She's my cousin, but then like, almost everyone is related in schools on reservations. There was a little hazing between the older boys and young boys. Some of the girls had drama. There was probably less than 15 but more than five fights while I was in high school. Last year when the school had to downsize, they cut the nurse off but no one really got sick at school anyway. Some students are kind of crazy, but not real crazy where they would decide to come to school and shoot everyone.
The elective classes included Art, JROTC, Vo-Ag, and Crow Language, because my school is on the Crow Reservation in Montana. The Vo-Ag classes also had a variety of classes such as, equine, Ag. Leadership, Ag. Lab, wood shop, and other types of Agriculture classes. The elective classes pretty much had the same amount of students in all of them. My favorite was the Vo-Ag classes. The school use to have more electives such as Home Economics, Auto Mechanics, and Band but the school was downsizing and cut them. I was sad when they cut auto-mechanics. Anyway, the required classes are pretty easy. Like I said, I just liked to get my work done and go back to the shop. In the government class, the teacher was strict but he wasn't too strict where no one liked him. He just wanted us to have a challenge so he assigned a lot of work.
The high school I attended was great. Everyday after school, a couple of the teachers would stay after school to help students catch up in a class they're behind in or help them in any subject they were having troubles with. A lot of students would go everyday to get help. For sports, everyone is real into basketball. The majority of the students keep their grades up for that specific reason. The football team sucks but the new coaches are trying to work with boys to get better but the boys are having a hard time committing to the work out plan for the summer because they'd rather play basketball. The coaches still put the unpaid effort into working with the boys though. Other activities include JROTC and FFA. I was in fact, the president for the FFA chapter my senior year. I was also an officer for JROTC. My school was pretty good about activities. The teachers were involved so much and supported the students the best way they could. I think that's the thing I will miss the most about high school.
I want to be a diesel mechanic so in high school, I usually just finished all my work and went to the shop as much as possible. I feel like my high school prepared my to be in the shop all the time. Senior year I slacked a lot. With all my absences total, I probably missed more than half the school year. My principle was upset with me because I was ranked number one in class and setting a bad example, but I wasn't dropped for it. Even though, I missed school so much as a senior, I still managed to graduate as the valedictorian.
There's no nurse. Not a big bullying policy either
It's not horrible but not great.
I would like to have more opportunities available when it comes to education. I can not be in Honors or AP classes, I can only get my core subjects done, with a few extra curricular classes that I actually enjoy. It is a small school so it limits these options to me. To get colleges to look at me, I have to step outside of the box that this school has put me in. I have to look for more education opportunities elsewhere outside of the school.
The majority of the student are Native American.
Most of the teacher will go above and beyond the call of duty.
Gross food and not much of a selection.
The Metal Shop, Auto Shop, and JROTC.
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Not enough courses or special study options.
The sports programs in the school are good but there is not enough of a variety of sports. When my older siblings went to this school, there were more sports.
The rule a rarely enforced by the administration.
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