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I loved going to school at locust valley high school because it truly was an amazing experience where I got to meet awesome people. I wouldn’t rate it a 5 stars because there were some negative aspects but overall it was good.
Locust Valley is a very good school if you decide to put the work in that's needed. But, it's easy to get buy with somewhat decent grades with little to no work though.
I enjoyed Locust Valley High School because I met some of my best friends, however I will be happy to escape the stuck up "Locust Valley bubble".
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LVHS academic preparation isn't the best because from Middle School they push taking honors classes, but are only allowed in groups. For example, math and science, and history and english. From choosing these classes as honors, they lead into AP classes which then lead into IB classes. It's nice that students have the option to make this choice, however, most students aren't able to handle the workload/pressure that comes with taking these harder classes. LVHS pushes those classes more than regular level ones. Additionally, as a student who attends BOCES, LVHS doesn't promote BOCES, and really only promotes the IB diploma. They don’t touch on the benefits of BOCES, nor do they allow the students that attend BOCES to give insight about the program to other students. Does that make LVHS a bad school? No, but I do think they should do a better job in informing students on what they’re signing up for when they choose honors classes in Middle School, and they should promote BOCES more.
Locust Valley is a great high school for many reasons. First off the teachers are very helpful and want to always help the best that they can. They offer extra help daily and always want to find a time that is best for you. It is a very safe school with security guards at all doors. The guidance counselors are super helpful and always do the best they can to accommodate you with the classes you want and help assisting in your college process. You can meet with them as many times as you want until you feel college ready. The school spirit is also great with homecoming week and prom to involve fun into school.
The school is overall very good. The districts supports both music programs and the arts. Academically, offers the hardest courses available, however should better prepare students for the AP and IB tests.
The experience of being a Falcon has made me the person I am today. I was able to take some of the most rigorous high school classes in the world, and still have fun while doing so. Teachers are supportive, friendly, smart, and encourage students to truly work their hardest. While the workload can be overwhelming, its truly good material, and allows students to prepare for college to the fullest. Although diligent, the guidance department is unfortunately small, which makes it difficult for them to really spend time with all of their students. Although we lack cultural diversity, we make up for it with a diversity in the kinds of people that come here. It is easy to make lifelong friends, mostly because you can't go anywhere in this town without running into someone you know. On the weekends, traditionally, people go to football/lacrosse games, eat crappy food, and hang out on the beach. I couldn't ask for a better high school experience.
LVHS is a pillar of long island schools due to its strong focus on academics and its well-rounded approach to athletics, extracurriculars, and student growth. As an alumni of Locust Valley I come back every year for Alumni Panels and to keep in touch with my teachers; they've helped me grow both in academics and maturity.
My experience with Locust valley highschool has been great. I have one daughter who graduated with an IB DIPLOMA and was in top 15 in her class. She had amazing teachers and now I have another daughter who is a junior now and fortunate to have great experience throughout her highschool years. The opportunity to take these college level courses really prepared my daughter for what she will be facing in college. She entered her college in the honors program and majoring in biomedical enegineering.
The education and the teachers in this school are horrible besides one social studies, great guy. The food and the facilities are worse than a school in Harlem. I am happy with the administration and the culture and spirit that is shown by the students of LVHS. This school is better than NSHS in my opinion.
The school is honestly a great place to learn. The grades and classes are small and overall it's very tight knit. Teachers are wonderful and will really put in as much effort as they possibly can to make sure the students learn the material. The IB program and various AP classes definitely prepare students as much as a high school can, I feel.
My favorite part about attending Locust Valley High School is the tight-knit community and the close relations with the teachers. Whether it's everyone coming together for a football game or the school play, everyone seems to always support each other in what they do. The small class sizes that we have give us the opportunity to speak to teachers one on one about any questions we have. They're always there to answer us and help us and only wish to see us succeed in the future. Being able to take as many rigorous college courses as we want in high school is also a crucial reason why I love Locust Valley High School.
we have never had a serious threat to the security of our school. there has been no need for a very prominent security system. however the staff is trained to handle just about any situation.
Our sports are the main after school activity participated in. We compete at a high level attending and winning multiple county championships.
Parents help support organize and attend every event at Locust Valley. They will voice their opinions in a polite and respectful manner also they love everything the school does and support it to the fullest.
The teachers are very willing to help any and all students with anything they may need. They are extremely friendly while keeping things professional.One of the top high school's in New York for a reason.
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Teachers are very accessible and approachable. Teachers are knowledgeable and concerned and go above the call of duty to support students.
the school is very involved and concerned about the health of its students
Overall the school is great. My only concern is that diversiy is greatly lacking in the school.
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