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I went to Locust Grove High school for all four years of my high school career. The principal I had is gone now, but he was an excellent principal and did everything in his power to make sure I graduated on time. Every teacher I have had there was wonderful, and it's definitely one of the safest high school campuses.
I like about are high school is that it prepares us for are future. They show is the responsibilities we need and have to have in every class to the out side world and how it effects us. We need to improved are water system, every year we go at least 3 days with out water. Also i feel like they need to trust us se have drug tests like every month or drug dogs come in. Overall I love this school and its teacher they all have helped us become more adults whether we know it or not.
My experience at Locust Grove high school was very good and probably the best experience in my life. The teachers are very friendly and very helpful. The student to teacher ratio is good about 20 to 22 per class. Also my best experience would be my science classes and the library.
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What I liked most about my school was the teachers I had. They were kind and would help you whenever you were stuck and not sure what to do. Our teachers got to know each and everyone of us personally, which is quiet a feat considering they would have 100-150+ students a day. Our English 1 Honors teacher was the best of all. She would have us write essays every nine weeks in MLA format to help us prepare for college. Our lunch has to be the second best thing! Not only did it have flavor but we got fresh fruits and veggies everyday.
The rigor of the classes is significantly low. I'm a person who likes a challenge and, frankly, LG offers none. The way the school is ran is inefficient. Students don't care about the
work. In most classes, oftentimes we sit in a desk and play on phones because teacher Has nothing to teach nor the will. However, the few teachers who actually teach are great at having something new to learn every day. If all classes were legit, LG would be great. Many students arent ready for college; whether that be from getting babied throughout school to not being taught the basic practices. Especially now since they have rid of the EOI tests, many teachers have no need to teach certain things, causing the students to not get an education. Alas, the faculty is friendly so it's inviting enough for me to go. I feel like it's a waste of time when I could be filling my resume. Instead, I sit and stare at a wall or have my eyes glaze over from being in an obnoxiously boring environment.
I really enjoy my school, all of the teachers that I have had were very kind and caring. They really care about not only your future, but of you. I had a very hard time in high school, due to many unfortunate events. I was getting behind in school and felt very stressed and under a lot of pressure, but they understood and helped me back to my feet. I am close to all of my teachers and appreciate for what they have done for me. The students are all nice to me and we all get along.
In my 3 years of high school here i have made so many amazing friends throught the different classes Locust Grove has for us. We get to have classes with anyone in the school which allows people to have wide varietys of friends. its a small town so everyone ends up knowing everyone. when needed everyone is there to support anything from football to baseball to cheerleadinbg.
Locust Grove has many great teachers that come to school ready to teach and actually do a very good job at it . Then they also have many teachers who do horrible at their job. they come to school not wanting to be there or they try to teach but just arent great at it. Some teachers move through lessons way to fast.
Most clubs aren't the greatest.
The parents here like to gossip and cause drama.
Only a few teachers really care.
Security is pretty tight. I always feel safe.
We don't really have any besides sports, and if you aren't athletic then you're going to spend most days at home.
There are only about four teachers who care if there students are getting a good education the other teachers are miserable and take it out on their students.
There are only about four teachers who care if there students are getting a good education the other teachers are miserable and take it out on their students.
The after school programs my school has are very high quality and fun. They provide the best programs and activities possible.
If I could do highschool over again I would definitely stay at my current school. I think that it is the best place for me.
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Some of the teachers at my school are very committed to the education our students recieve. They genuinely care for us and want to make sure we achieve our each and every goal. I think that they have good teaching qualities and are very consistent.
I have enjoyed the teachers and all the activities we have done together.
I loved going to school here from beginning to end as I have formed friendships with my classmates and teachers that will take me through life
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