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I attended LGHS all four years of high school, and I really enjoyed my time there. I was in several clubs and organizations, and I took almost all honors classes. I played Basketball, and I participated in many extracurricular activities. Overall, I feel like I got the most out of high school by attending LGHS.
I enjoyed building relationships with my teachers and they helped me so much throughout my time there.
I like how all of the educators are passionate about what they teach- it makes the students want to do well in that specific course. There is also an exceptional balance between technology use as well as spoken lectures.
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The environment here at Locust Grove High School is the best. The principle takes his time in going around every morning to say hello to each and every classroom. He attends every sporting even he can possible and makes sure he can get as personal as he can with as many students as he can. The friendly staff and educators make coming to school so much easier.
I’m a current junior and I participate in many extracurricular activities. The teachers are very helpful and are very supportive of their students.
I enjoy the diversity that is in our school, but the students tend to be disrespectful. I would like to see this change as the teachers are trying their hardest to pour knowledge into our minds.
Locust Grove is not a very good school, I definitely wouldn't put my own kid in it. Drugs are a major issue throughout the school and I believe the way the school handles these issues is unhelpful and just affects the kids who aren't doing anything wrong. If you are a student who does the Academy program you are basically left in the dark about anything going on and are treated as if it's your fault. Overall the school is not very good and I believe the school doesn't know how exactly to fix these things.
At Locust Grove High I felt very welcomed. I came to the school 11 grade and I was extremely nervous because I was very shy. Everyone was so nice and talked to me because they knew I was new to the school. Coming from a private school my whole and walking into a public school was very nerve racking because everything is different. The school did a great job making sure I was on track to graduate and had all my credits to qualify for Hope scholarship as well.
I enjoyed my time at Locust Grove High. I felt like I was prepared for college after going here. The teachers were always really kind and did everything they could to make sure that we were prepared for our future. I was able to make some amazing friends and get through high school with complete ease.
I was fortunate enough to be reached by mostly all teachers who genuinely cared for me and my education and truly wish to see me succeed. My only complaint would be the overall environment of the school, I will say I feel it was not as strict as it could have been on cleanliness and the school was not the most well kept up. My biggest complaint would be the bathrooms, you almost have to bring your own toilet paper to school to guarantee you would have some to use. I have never seen more horrifying bathrooms in my life.
Good school , great teachers, and academic challenges. This school isn't that old but within it's short time, it has showed me that I can work hard and become successful.
When thinking about schools in the south, most people tend to think diversity and inclusiveness; as with any school. Well Locust Grove High School gave me the worst high school experience I think I could have received. I have been slandered by teachers and faculty members. Faculty and counselors told me I couldn't do Dual Enrollment when I was a sophomore, when that isn't the case at all. It was hard making friends here because everyone is so exclusive and private that if you're not already in the in crowd, then it's too difficult to be a part of.
The principal really does his best, but the way the school functions is terrible. Issues are treated in the easiest way for administrators, but they couldn't care less about what it means for the students.
I've met some really good teachers that will take care of you. You have the chance to meet someone new every day. The bathrooms are not in the best shape and we have issues with them
I started at Locust Grove High my freshman year and i am currently a senior. My time at Locust Grove was somewhat okay. The people are welcoming. Everyone has a place to fit in. Although, there are some things that could be changed it is a good school.
I first moved here during my junior year of high school. When adjusting to the new environment, I was able to make new friends, engage in different activities, and pursue my dual enrollment career, in which I wouldn’t have been able to do at my old high school. One of my favorite things about this school is that I can get all the help I need from my counselor and administrators. Also, I like that many students here are strongly involved in our school’s spirit. Overall, my experience here at Locust Grove High School has been a great one.
What I liked most about LGHS is the ability for me to make friends. I met my current best friend here. I also love the student/teacher relationships being open and feeling like majority of them are easy to talk to. Although majority are good, there are always a few bad apples. I encountered a few teachers/administrators that seem to be tough to communicate with or talk to but I believe that’s consistent with most things in life. Overall, I have had a great experience in this school from grades, relationships, and experiences and hope the same can be said by most of my peers.
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I love love love LGHS, the teachers and classes are amazing and actually care about their students. I am currently a junior there and I've been in Henry county for around 6 years and the schools are the best, regarding my former schools.
Locust Grove has a lot of mediocre qualities, like an average high school, but it seems like every year there are changes with the schedule. There are many fights weekly, to the point where sometimes we can't even talk in the commons in the morning. The area is getting bad. The bright side is that the teachers are really nice and personable.
Overall I would rate Locust Grove High School a 4/5 stars. The school culture there is outstanding and students never fail to attend sporting events rocking their blue and white! Students and faculty members alike are respectful, courteous, and willing to do whatever it takes to succeed inside and outside of the classroom. My teachers in particular my senior year of 2018-2019 were phenomenal and the college prep they fought me stick with me to this day and have prepared me to go forward to the University of West Georgia, not only eager and ready but enthusiastic, knowing that my schoop helped me prepare for this moment. I graduated this year in 2019 and during my 4 years at LGHS I made memories that will last a lifetime! Once a wildcat always a wildcat.
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