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There’s a lot of good things about Locust Fork. One of those things that I appreciate the most is how the teachers help you and push you to be your best. When I step into a classroom those teachers try their best to teach us at their best performance. On the other hand, Locust Fork does not have a lot of funding which makes learning in a new century very difficult. I would enjoy my time there more if we had opportunities for a more diverse choice of academics.
Teachers at Locust Fork High School do not care about students academics alone. They care about health and well-being of each student. When a problem arises it is not one person over the other. They actually review the situation and solve it to the best of their ability. They love each student and only wish to see them grow.
I love how close everyone is and how involved most people are with sports. The teachers are so kind and always look out for the students. The only thing i would like to see different would be the classrooms, most of them need updates or new items such as book and desks.
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Teachers care for students in a different way then anywhere else. Im truly blessed with going to Locust Fork.
Locust Fork is a fantastic school and some of my best memories were made there. I never had a teacher that didn’t genuinely care about me and I feel that the school and it’s staff really prepared me for college.
I like Locust Fork because of the small class rooms. I would like to seen changed is the racial profiling and lots of bullying.
Locust Fork High School, although small, is a loving and thriving community that has always made me feel at home. I am in my senior year at Locust Fork High School and they are the only school in Blount County that offers AP courses! The teachers that teach these courses do an amazing job and have helped many students pass the AP exam earning students college credit, including myself! In my opinion, it is the best school in Blount County Alabama for sports and academics.
The faculty has been wonderful working with me. I have a writing disability and they allow me to type my essays. I would have loved to have been able to have taken physics and calculus but it is not offered as of yet.
Overall locust fork was a really great school because everyone knew each other, it was a small community that everyone cared for and supported in everything! The teachers were great they really cared about your education!
Locust fork teacher truly care about their students education they want their students to plan for their future. The schools wants their student to succeed and they offer ACT studies and more. In all, I wouldn't had changed graduating from Locust Fork High school I get ask if I liked the school and my answer is yes I loved the school I have so many memories that I will never forget and I still keep in contact with some of my high school teachers.
At locust fork we have advanced placement courses such as AP lit and Lang, AP US history and government, AP biology as well as AP chemistry. These classes have helped me tremendously and the teachers are the best! All the teachers have been amazing and recommend a lot of study materials to be used to study and pass the AP exam.
Locust Fork has the hometown element that is almost story book. Locust Fork is also making great strides to the education value of its students.
Locust Folr is a great school, and has a great community where everyone knows each other and gets along pretty well.
Locust Fork is a great school. Usually the problems and bad reviews come from, for lack of better term, "loser type" kids. The ones that fail classes and cause all the trouble. There aren't many social problems or violence at the school. I think it is mainly due to lack of diversity. 99.9% of the school is white. The majority of the teachers at this school really care for their students. Athletic camaraderie is high as well. Despite lack of diversity the girls basketball team is one of the best in the state. Drugs were not as big a problem at the school compared to others. Crime in general is very low compared to other schools. From what I've seen the students party/underage drink about the same as other schools.
It is a small school where everyone knows everyone. The teachers are amazing and help whenever they cam. They offer a lot of good opportunities for scholarships, standardized test, ap courses, and tutoring. They also handle hard times very well. when I was enrolled we had a class mate pass away and they was there to help us grieve in any way we needed to.
Overall, Locust Fork High School is a very good school. The faculty and staff are very nice and helpful.
What I like about Locus Fork High School is that the teachers take time one on one with the students. Also they provide tutoring after school and before. One thing I wish that could be improved is the building inside and out. We have warped floors, broken glass windows above the lockers.
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I graduated from here. It was a good environment, but there was little to no support in the art program, which left students who wanted to pursue a career in this field kind of out of luck.
Locust fork is a great school but needs to be less focused on athletics and more on academics. Its teachers are average at their jobs their good until u try to get extra help and that's when there lacking.
My overall experience of Locust Fork High School has been okay, but could have been better. There are some good teachers and some not so good, just like every other school. I think some improvements could be made with the students and teachers. Some students get away with a lot more than others and are treated differently. A lot of the teachers I have had in the past have been great, with a exception of some. Many of them don't teach as much as the others and give extremely hard test. Other than these flaws, it wasn't terrible I am just ready to graduate!
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