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I would like to see a higher importance for academics rather than just athletics. I’d also like to see a higher support for the music and fine arts programs. It would be appreciated to have more help available to students interested in college and higher education. However, I like how there’s more one on one time with students and teachers due to smaller classes and I like being able to know everyone.
Went to lock wood high back in the late 90s,and overall teachers were very helpfull. All students got along,was not any fights,
The school would rather fail you on your attendence than see you graduate. If you have good grades and miss school, they will drop your grade and fail you. They don't do anything about bullying and just let it continue. I did like the way lunch was sorted into three groups. I personally don't like Lockwood. They choose favorite students and are rude to others.
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I have had an excellent time here at Lockwood High School. The teachers and the coaches really get you prepared for the bigger pictures in life. The teachers get you prepared to go out and get a degree in the career path you want. The coaches get you ready to be a good man, husband, coworker, father, etc. The coaches and teachers go hand and hand with each other. Some of our teachers are coaches and they take a personal interest in all students, not just athletes. The students here are great, it reflects our high of standers we have to meet everyday. that is thanks to our teachers and coaches. The school is small but we get a lot of community support for little we are. The parents help all the time, doesn't matter what it is. If the school needs help, they're there.
Bullying doesnt happen all the time but it does happen a few times. We try to prevent bullying. We dont have a nurse at the school. The safetly is pretty good. It could be worse or better
I enjoyed this school because of the small feeling that i got from it. The kids were great and the teachers that actually tried to help were AMAZING
There are some teachers that try hard to help kids and teach them what they need to know. However the majority of them seem to not care about their students.
For the most part, Lockwood is an okay school. I wish they cared more about education rather than sports. We spend too much time and money on the athletic program instead of books or things we could be using for the students educations. I would not chose this school again if I had the chance. I would chose somewhere that focuses on education more.
small school teachers are caring
Some teachers care and others just work to get a paycheck.
The food is iffy. Sometimes its really good and sometimes its really bad. We do have options though which is nice.
I have had a really fun time. The activities we have are so much fun and I love all the people at my school. We all get along and are all friends.
The school has been very safe, no threats or shootings. Haven't seen any vandalism on school property.
School buildings in decent condition, leaky roof here and there. Great Counselor, active parental involvement. Enthusiastic teachers, always willing to help
School Spirit could be better, but when it comes to Football, the entire school is on board! Big football community, fun to be involved in.
The school has a pretty positive social atmosphere; when I moved here at the beginning of the year, I was accepted immediately! I had a ton of new friends, and there wasn't really any negative peer pressure involved.
The teachers really know how to get the point across to the students in the best way possible for them to fully comprehend the subject. There is not a huge selection of courses to take but there are a few dual credit, and higher level classes available.
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Students aren't allowed to wear shorts that our shorter than your fingertips. Schools close by are the same way.
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