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Lockport Township High School - East Campus Reviews

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Lockport has great teachers and staff who help all students be successful. There are many opportunities and technology offered here that were great tools in my learning career.
I liked that most teacher actually showed that they cared about you. The only thing I would change is the people
At first I was not looking forward to High school , but from day one I quickly made a great friend and felt at ease .
I’ve made many great friends here and am saddened that my Senior year ended so abruptly .
LTHS has many class options and awesome teachers . As I am going into Forensics, Lockport had many classes to prepare me for this field.
As I look back, my experience here with friends, teachers and education has helped me to grow , in my studies as well as a person .
Will remember this time in my life forever !!
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I have had a great experience at Lockport Township High School with many faculty members that have taught me well and that I look up to. My extra-curricular experiences have mostly been in the Fine Arts department, and I can say that I am grateful to have gone to a school that cares about the arts. Though I do believe that we could do a better job at unifying the entire student body, I have not seen prominent division between people of different activities and interests.
I enjoyed how well the teachers would be involved with the students and truly help prepare us for our future. They were always supportive.
I have mixed feelings about Lockport Township High School- East Campus because of the indecisiveness in teachers and the scandalous drama that occurs there everyday. It was crazy because every day, my junior year, was full of lockdowns or fights happening at my school. I think Lockport gave too many chances to its troublemaker students instead of putting its foot down. They must have given their employees too many chances too because numerous teachers could not teach whatsoever.
I entered Freshman year scared and excited . The transformation was easier than expected.
Lockport’s feel quickly grew on me.
All of a sudden, I’m a senior and all my hard work is seeming to pay off.
This last year was to be my best as the school has many life memories they had in store for us. With the current Covid situation we are all not sure about our goodbyes here, but will try my best to look back at this year as I intended.
I believe LTHS is a great school with many different interests and classes available. The campus is great also. Teachers have been friendly and invested and some really that I connected with .
I only hope that the opportunities I’ve afforded here and friends I’ve made will stay with me.
It has been a tremendous experience that I will miss.
Go Porters!!!!
I had a great four years here. Because of this school, I was able to find close friends who connected with me. The teachers were very helpful, but there was a lack of diversity.
My experience at Lockport has been wonderful. The amount of clubs and activities to join is more than most schools in the area. Students are able to create good relationships with their teachers and there are many extra help options.
Loved my experience with all the great teachers! I never felt like I could not get help if I needed it either from my teacher, counselor or through tutoring! Great support staff.
I would like to see the teachers and staff more involved in getting students excited to learn/more engaged, or just care about students more.
The teachers there are amazing. They offer one on one lessons during class, and after school time of you need to catch up. They listen to their students and provide what they want to the best of their ability.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the past four years of being a student at Lockport Township. The large size of the student body has allowed me to form many valuable relationships with many different students. I have also formed close relationships to many of my teachers; though some of my teachers throughout the years have been slightly rude to students, most of my teachers are extremely kind and generous and work hard to prepare us for AP tests and college classes. I also like that Lockport provides several AP classes; I have been able to take almost a dozen AP classes throughout my time here, and I have been prepared very well by my teachers.
Nice school with good teachers that care for their students and implement daily basic readiness in life.
My school provides many AP courses for us, which is very beneficial. I believe the school has too many students and the hallways are sometimes really crowded. There have been instances where people started fights in school.
Overall my experience at Lockport Township Highs School was average. I really enjoyed how diverse it was but the school doesn't have a very safe environment overall. There are constantly fights throughout the year. The teachers at the school are excellent and extremely supportive and make the students feel like they matter. The teachers are always encouraging students to come in after or before school for extra help and always make students feel welcome. The administration overall is okay but some of the staff in the offices are not always pleasant and don't make students feel welcome most of the time. Lockport also struggles in some sports which I think is why the school lacks school spirit. However, I love how supportive the school is of the Best Buddy Program for special needs Kids. Overall the school just needs to work on promoting a safe environment and working on school spirit so the kids can feel more connected and more like a family.
I would give it a 3 out of five because we have alot of fights and stuff but haven't in awhile. Even though we have mostly good teachers some are mean and rude. But overall it's a great school and i'm lucky to be going to it. The teachers are mostly helpful with questions.
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Lockport was a great school to attend. Our school was very competitive in most sports, winning state championships in football and cheerleading while I was there.
Lockport Township High School is a school that is filled with many people. I find that majority of the people in the building are pleasant to be around, including the students, staff, and teachers. In addition, in the last year or so, the school had been making safety improvements as well as school pride/involvement. There is always room to improve, but it is school so it is impossible to educate teenagers and have every single person be happy to attend school; however, Lockport does a pretty good job in my opinion. Overall, I love the community feel, the safe and respected feel, and honestly, I enjoy the constant feeling that the people who work at the school want to improve the students in many ways.
Lockport Township High School was a pretty average high school with some great teachers. Great place to meet other people, however, the school is a bit crowed.
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