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I loved my high school. Every staff always wanted you to succeed and do everything for your best interest. My high school experience was filled with love, laughter, happiness etc. We all have those days where we don’t want to go to school or aren’t feeling it but overall everyone was very social and friendly to me and kept me motivated. Schools aren’t perfect and has there flaws but I really enjoyed my time in high school!
The teachers were amazing. The staff overall made high school a fun place to be. The students were typically kind and friendly. The school itself was clean and well put together.
I love everything about Lockport High School. The support is great by everyone even the outside community. The diversity makes the school unite more and more and I can feel the love just by being in the building with my peers and teachers. Lockport High School is a great school filled with kindhearted loving people who will go to the moon and back for each other!
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The teachers here all seem to be doing their jobs quite well. However, there are many unsolved problems within the student body.
The education was decent and the teachers were good. Just didn't enjoy much of my time in the school.
Overall, LHS is a great Highschool. They offer programs and classes that other schools don’t have such as AP classes for college and BOCES for work force. LHS have a great staff/ teachers that are helpful and kind. They truly put us, the students, above and prioritize our education and wellbeing. However they lack a way to control drug substances inside school. You can easily find students in the bathroom smoking and vaping.
The teachers are usually very nice, especially in the English department. The food is mediocre but the cafeterias are large. Don't rely on the counselors to help you decide what you want to do after high school.
Lockport is a great school with awesome teachers who truly care about how you are doing in their classes. Sports are amazing and the bond between athletes of all sports is great. The problem is some people ruin the good with their bad behavior and acting out.
Lockport highschool has many ups and downs. It doesn’t feel like a school as much as it did when I first started. But it has many great resources and technology.
I like the teachers at LHS because most of them are willing to help their students succeed to their full ability.
I liked most of the teachers but the guidance for people that need help with education or mental disorders is awful.
Lockport is a pretty good school. If you make the effort, the teachers are there for you. They will give you the extra time and energy if you truly want to learn. The school itself is ok. it's clean. The food sucks, about half the kids bring their own lunch. There is a wide variety of classes to choose from and a lot of extra stuff to do, like robotics, drama, or science Olympia. Sports is ok. Lockport is about 1400 students, so our sports teams are always full. We are competitive in our area, but that's it, varies from year to year. I would like to see the school more focused on preparing us for the future with emphasis on SAT and ACT prep and financial management.
I liked how close-knit everyone was who went here. They were always very personable, and made sure they knew everyone's names. One thing I did not enjoy very much about this school was the food they served for lunch. It was very bland and there weren't many choices.
I really like the number of AP classes that Lockport offers and there are a ton of clubs and sports to take part in. My biggest complaint is the lunch "trays." We're given paper plates or boats, like the type of container you'd see fries thrown in. No edges to separate anything so the sides sometimes soak my food. And we don't get whole apples, they cut them up and put them in lemon juice or something. (The elementary schools get full apples.) So the apple/lemon juice ends up ruining the other food cause there's nothing separating it.
The health and safety policies at this school are very practical. They are based off of common sense, which makes them easy to comprehend.
There is a club, sports team, or organization for everyone. Teachers are very involved in extracurriculars, which allows students to get to know teachers outside of the classroom.
The teachers are very friendly and make sure students are on a successful path. Teachers are always willing to help students with anything they have an issue with. The teachers treat the students all as equals, which eliminates stress on students.
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Many of my teachers have helped me and stood by my side to help me achieve.
The school feels very safe, but there are not strong, noticeable safety measures. The doors lock after a certain time and require that people entering late must be buzzed in. Students have IDs, but are not required to use them for anything. The school has security guards, but I am not sure if they carry weapons. There are no metal detectors at the entrances.
There are quite a few extracurricular activities at the school such as sports, theater, chorus, band, dance, environmental clubs, art clubs, etc. Many students participate in more than one club and those involved in each club form a strong bond with one another and with the teacher in charge of the club.
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