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Lockland High School Reviews

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I've been at Lockland since I was in 6th grade. I love it there even when I say I don't. People know everybody there and basically grew up with everybody. Teachers are really caring sometimes about the students. I would like to see our academics improve. We're not so good in that area yet.
I've attend Lockland for the past thirteen years and I've watched the environment change significantly. We've seen too many administrators to count and even more teachers that hardly ever stay for more than two years. If I could change things in Lockland I'd start with the school spirit and sense of community inside of the school. When people see Lockland they see a group of juvenile delinquents who couldn't care less about their education but that just isn't true. The students here at Lockland want to have a better chance, they want a future for themselves whether it be with academics or sports, we all just want to get out. I love that I'll be graduating with the same people I started school with thirteen years ago and I can't wait to see what they do in the future.
the scheduling process isnt always the best but thy do mostly put everyone in the classes that they want.
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everyone kinda just gets along with each other. not much diversity
our student council always has everything planned ahead .

prom/ homecoming committee always has the best ideas.

the football team is alright.
in all my years at lockland, its been pretty good to me. everyone is always nice and even though the parents aren't always acting the best , we all still come together and make the school even better.
overall, the teachers at lockland are very helpful and always make sure everyone in the class understands before they move on to another lesson.
Good Academic school with individualize attention.
Food is alright, most kids bring their lunch.
There are some great teachers, and some mediocre ones as well.
Truancy officer came to my home in 2 foot of snow and asked if I was coming to school I asked if he was going to give me a ride and he said no then took my mother to court.
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