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State grade does not give school the respect they have earned, state grade about one test only, does not calculate in the dedication, caring, or involvement teachers have with students. School does not get many resources, but they work with what they get and make it work. If more parents took time to volunteer or see with their own judgement and eyes what goes on in office on daily basis, they would see the dedication of staff and teachers.
This school, when I was attending, took different disciplinary actions like dress code, highly serious. I never got caught up in such things, but I was able to observe them from afar.
The school's general condition, speaking physically, is fair. It's a school and it's obvious that the cleaning staff dedicate a lot of themselves to keeping it clean. I respect that.
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One club or extracurricular activity I'm familiar with is band. Band was great. There was nothing horrendous about it besides transportation inabilities. It was hard work and just a bundle of fun when instructions and regulations were followed.
The health and safety of the students of this school is very fair. Bullying has been common here and there. The school is too open. There aren't enough gates and physical barriers. It's respected that visitors must sign in before officially entering the school. But, the school's classroom doors aren't always locked and, during common movements between classes, is more dangerous than safely monitored.
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