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Lockhart High School is a small but valid school. It provides great AFJROTC and health care programs like HOSA. I think that the meals provided for students should improve as well as funds for certain organizations.
I like the people at the school and how diverse it is. The classes offered at my school are also pretty great. At my school, they offer a CNA, EMT, and Pharmacy class which isn't very common in other schools.
I loved the connection you could have with the teachers and how well they would be willing to always help you. The school over all was very nice and had a lot of programs for students to take advantage of.
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My favorite part of high school has been being apart of the drill team. I made so many friends and it help me get into school spirit more. The football games meant everything to the town of Lockhart , that's when the town would come together and be there for one another
I loved the CTE program and my pharmacy technician teacher, Ms Attales. I loved meeting new friends and being able to learn and grow with them. Being apart of the Choir and Band program was a highlight as well because our directors, Mrs Branson and Mr Vise, really loved their job and helped musicians expand their knowledge and love of music. I was a proud member of the varsity football team all 4 years of my high school experience. Really being active in multiple activities really helped me become a social butterfly and stay busy. I met some of my best friends and made great memories if I could do it all again I would.
Overall I am very pleased with my time here at Lockhart High School. It has had just about everything I have needed to be ready for college. The students and teachers are wonderful for the most part. However due to the growing population of Lockhart, the school can tend to feel very overcrowded sometimes. Also I feel that the math department is a bit lacking. I did not feel very prepared for the math that I faced while taking the SAT. Other than than I can honestly say that I am proud to have come from Lockhart and I hope that they can continue to improve and be the successful school district that I know is possible.
It's a pretty decent school I'd say, some of the staff is really rude at times. Most of the classes are generally crowded but the teachers usually find a way to get you the help that you need in order to succeed.
The school is very good with wanting to help with an education in such a small town. But there are still many cons to attending this school.
My experience at Lockhart High School was good, I enjoyed going here and I learned a lot from my teachers. The only thing I never got over was the student population. It got very crowded in the hallways and it was difficult at times to get to class. To change this I would suggest separating the grade levels by hallways.
High School was a very scary experience for me but the teachers and staff were very welcoming. Sports were my safe place with such a welcoming environment and new experience. However, I would like to see the readiness of our advance placement courses because I currently do not have a government class.
It has great teachers and many other branches of subjects that could peak your curiosity and interest. Some food need an upgrade, but their methods of enforcing lunch payment are questionable.
To me this high school has become better than it was the past years. The counselors are very helpful and connected with the students. The teachers help out students who are behind the class however, they could try to put their grades in on time.
The school has many issues with the facilities and behavior, and I do not think I am prepared for college. But my overall experience with Lockhart High School is like most schools.
This school has a lot of problems including
I have had several core classes with inadequate teachers
I’ve been directly affected by the administration making 504 accommodations vary difficult to acquire.
The school’s budget fails to prioritize academics.
The School provides minimal guidance to find and apply to the right colleges

Their are some good things including
A fairly good fine arts program.
Lots of teachers that care about students.
A LGBTQ community
I have not witnessed many, if any, physical bullying
Everyone is required to take the SAT in their jr year
I think what I liked most about Lockhart HS was the teachers that I personally had. They were some of the best teachers I’ve ever had. I think something they could really change is the way they treat their teachers.
The teacher's are kind ,nice and sweet. They are all about helping you pass and get ready for collage. The school care for everyone and looks out for their own.They are always ready to help you anyway they can.
I loved the school, they always tried their best to make sure every students needs was being satisfied.
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My experience at Lockhart has taught me a lot of things while also missing out on certain things too. I feel like I excel in some areas more than others but also feel that the teachers lack the ability to actually teach. I can say that we really did not have much to prep us for SAT tests and college readiness. Other schools that I know of got the chance to visit actual campuses but we never got to experience that. Getting into a good college is important to me so that I can get the education I’ve always deserved as a high school student, but I know the transition will be hard as we weren’t actually prepped for it.
I would like for Lockhart High School to help clubs get more involved in the community. Instead of mainly helping the band, also help other clubs like Spanish club and robotics.
I liked the Fine Arts Department the most. I am an artist, and I got along very well with my art teachers. They have helped me to build my character and to dive in more to my own art skills to help me discover what kind of an artist I am, and what I like to create.
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