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Lockerman Middle School Reviews

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I really like the school and the staff at Lockerman. They have always been on top of any situation my kids may have had. I’m however very disappointed that there not doing any kid of award ceremony for the 8th grade class. They get a dance and a field day with the whole school which is also a parcc testing reward.
My son transferred half way through school year and was very nervous. The staff and kids welcomed him and it was like he belonged there. He has done so well there compared to the school he was previously at. He has made great success being at Lockerman.
It made me get involved in different groups
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I thought that the teachers taught me something
Lockerman Middle School, overall, was a very pleasant school. However, sometimes it may have been nice to see a change. When I started school there in 2008 I was very nervous because I was going into sixth grade, just coming out of elementary school. The administration would be what needed to change because most of them were not very welcoming. For example, the women who worked at the front desk would question you, quite harshly, if you forgot things and needed to call home to see if someone from your house would bring it to you. That's what I didn't like about this school, I wanted to not feel judged because I forgot something at my house that I needed my mom to come and drop off to me. I would do this over again for the fact that I did well throughout middle school, however, I would dread the rest because I did not enjoy the administration.
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