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As far as my experience goes, it is a school that has a lot of fights that mainly involve the kids that don't try for anything academic and the kids that don't care about their futures. If you're lucky and your kid is enrolled in mainly GT courses, they will find some caring and creative teachers that will make learning fun. From what I've heard though, most of the standard teachers don't care about the school or their students. If your child is a good student and will stay out of trouble then I recommend this school and especially the Law and Finance program or the visual Arts program but if your child has a hard time staying away from drama, controlling anger issues, or keeping up with their school work, then this may not be the school for them.
Hated every second at this school. glad its over, so much fights and Kids doing stupid things. The people who want to learn end up getting caught up in the drama, Hallways are real loud after lunch and it disturbs learning for other grades. Just avoid this school if you have other options
My cousin went here it was so horrible he said lots of people got bullied kids got hurts tbh lots and lots I say of fights they had and the teachers don’t do nun about im siting her like wtf teachers are nasty horrible when I say horrible I’m not lieing girls getting pergant and showing off there boobs every day for there (daddy’s) they saw if I was u I wouldn’t let ur child go her unless they can fight good or u want them to get hurt or if u want u girl child to show off a lot of body that’s all it a terrible school I’m glad my cousin left it👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿
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Really bad school the only bright spot is the magnet program other than that,fights,drama and really rude people.
This school isn’t reporting the right data. My sons ratio is averaging 25-32 to one teacher. The teachers have no control of the students. I’ve never seen or spoken to the principal if you can belive that. There’s a lot of bullying and fights that distract the students that want to learn. My son is A & B Honor roll and I want this to be his first and last year. I do not recommend this school for anyone
My experience here was overall, okay, because of the friends I was able to make and the magnet program I joined. They have 4 magnet programs - visual arts, law & finance, performing arts, and conservation sciences. I joined performing arts and had fun experiences acting, singing, and performing with percussion and steel drums. I did enjoy it, but I decided not to pursue performing arts and to do it just as a hobby. There were very many situations that could have been prevented, ones including discrimination/bullying if the school was better at handling these things, but in the end, it was middle school. People were immature, and so was I. Focus on your studies and not the dramatic fools. Surround yourself with the people who encourage you to do better.
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