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Loch raven high school is a good school academically and it’s very diverse but i feel as though people should be involved more, the school is more so a “boring” school because there isn’t usually many activities and if there is the students would not get involved. I feel like Loch raven needs to improve the saying “ feel at home” because a lot of people don’t feel comfortable so they should make sure everyone feels like that school is a great working environment.
It is a smaller high school and this allows students to be involved in different activities throughout their time there.
I really like Loch Raven for its teacher because they have prepare for college. I want some of the participation in the school to change
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My experience at Loch Raven High School is one I will not forget. Some of the faculty in Loch Raven didn't care about what the student do and if they are failing, no matter how hard that student worked. This school isn't the best and some of the students here made me feel unsafe. There were two trashcan fires and there was no punishment for the student who did it. I wish that the faculty would care a little more about the students in this school, but there are some great teachers here who care so much about their students life. Those are the teachers that make this school better. They will do anything to make sure that a student understands what is going on and that they are passing their classes. They take the time out of their schedules to make time for their students and I appreciate them so much for it.
Attending this school is the best thing I've ever done in my life. This school prepares you for college and life out in the real world. Excellent education program, hands-on experience. The teachers genuinely care. It has a vibrant community, a supportive learning environment, wonderful teachers, and a beautiful campus. Phenomenal teachers that are passionate about teaching. It is a phenomenal school that will prepare me for college. Overall, it's a great school. Everyone is super welcoming and approachable and if you ever feel yourself getting overwhelmed with any class, the teachers are super easy to talk to and willing to help.
Although there are almost no windows and lacking facilities, I thoroughly enjoyed the extracurricular activities I participated in, and how a small school allowed me to get many leadership positions by my senior year. The teachers are great, especially within the science department.
I like how the teachers see how you would like to progress and do better. Because of that, they help and push us more. However, I wish they would help and push everyone. Some people need that little push to help them progress.
Most of the faculty is nice and care about the students, but the ones that don't are literally the worst. Also, the freshman that come in every year get worse and worse, but mellow out around the second part of the year. Just be prepared for a lot of fights and way to many stairs.
Loch Raven High School was a good school when I went. I would like to see them push their students more to be more involved. I think the food selections could have been better because it wasn't so healthy.
I like how small the school is and how easy it is to get around. There’s a lot of teacher that you can go to, to ask for advice, recommend to colleges, or a higher level class, and that actually take the time to listen to you. What’s a little challenging are some of the uncontrollable kids at the school. This creates a harder job for the teachers, the administrators, and creates a negative and chaotic environment. Besides that the school is very adamant about giving the kids opportunity and making sure everyone is doing the best they can do, if they try with them.
This school has some students that are out of control. The teachers and administration do nothing to combat the shenanigans that are present throughout the school building. These students disrupt the learning environment. The academics and classes are taken as jokes as well. Other than that, there is a good club and school spirit here. The athletics are very good and there is a good community around that.
Loch Raven has been a good experience for my children. What is good is great, but it is not perfect. It’s strength is it’s teachers. My children have had exceptional teachers at Loch Raven. They have had a few bad ones too. The college counseling has also be exceptional. I wish there were more parent involvement. There are a few parents that try but no one shows up which is a shame because LR has a lot to offer. The sports are decent if you rate it by coaching and team experience and there are plenty of opportunities to get involved.
My daughter is a senior applying to very competitive schools and I fully expect she will get into these schools. As for her preparedness, I assume she is ready but I guess that remains to be seen. Overall, I recommend Loch Raven because whatever weaknesses it may have are made up for by the special people who work there.
The leadership isn’t the best, needs to be more communication between the staff and students. But overall it’s a mediocre school. Old administration was better and students were more involved before they got rid of a lot of teachers.
Loch Raven is a small high school in Baltimore County with just under 1000 students. The athletic teams are typically easy to join but compete pretty well against larger schools. The teachers in the science department are amazing and very knowledgeable. The new principal Ms. Holmes is great and is making changes to improve the culture of the school.
In my current 3 years at Loch Raven High School, I can assuredly state that while it isn't an outstanding school that outshines others, it provides you with what you need in order to succeed and prepare for college and your future life in general. The main problem with this school is the deteriorating core of our school culture. Teachers seem to become more and more lazy, not withholding certain policies and generally caring less and less. This causes the students themselves to follow along with this theme and shifts the originally structured system, changing it into a more fluid school where administration, teachers, and students alike thinks of the whole school process as sort of an ignorance, while just trying to get it over with. I have no-doubt in my mind that this could change. We have exceptional brilliant-minded teachers, caring administration, and students that would be willing to put in the hard-work if directed in the right direction.
The school offers lots of opportunities to students who are there to listen to the information. The counselors are always there to listen and help with scheduling problems and enrollment into CCBC as well as college help. There are teachers who truly care to help their kids and provide and ear when necessary.
Loch Raven is a fairly small school, which I think is a plus because you really get to know the people there, especially those in your class. The teachers are great, I’ve only had one or two that I didn’t like in my 3 years her so far. There are plenty of sports and activities to sign up for, and plenty of opportunities to join honors societies in your junior year.
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Baltimore Countys educational system is amazing. Loch Raven High is one of the best instituions among the county. My overall experience at Loch Raven has been very successful. I have had the opportunity to learn so much and grow academically and personally with the help and support of my counselors and teachers.There are so many different classes and activities that us students have as resources in order to better prepare ourselfs for our future carriers.
Loch Raven High School is within a great community, although the school is a bit smaller than the others surrounding, it has a great academic curriculum and is a great school.
I currently attend Loch Raven High School(LRHS) and I must say I prefer it to Parkville High School which I attended before transferring to Loch Raven High School. There are about 800 students in LRHS and this is a more appropriate number of students for me as I personally prefer small-sized schools. Also, the teachers here can teach and are very friendly. At the beginning of my junior year when I transferred, I did not like the school because I was not ready to transfer in the first place but I got to love LRHS and I believe this school is doing a good job with preparing me for college and my future. The only thing I would change is the food and a suggestion would be that the school should offer more electives such as Nutrition/Food and Dance.
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