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Loachapoka High School Reviews

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I have been attending Loachapoka High school for 4 years and I love the atmosphere, we have small classes which is easier for me to learn and allowed me to create bonds with my teachers along with administration. Being at a small school such as Loachapoka will have you prepared for college. I am in the band, I play basketball, softball and I participate in Track N Field and I love it, i love giving back to loachapoka just as much as i love giving to my community because they have done so much for me
Loachapoka is a great school to go to. It has a lot of diversity. We have one of the best bands in lee county. And an amazing girl varsity basketball team. Poka shows a lot of Indian pride. And that’s what I like most about loachapoka.
My school has a very welcoming environment. It is easy to make friends. I would like for there to be more options for students to prepare for life after high school.
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Loachapoka has the potential to be a great school but it lacks support and resources from school board officials. The students are offered very few class choices outside of the basics and extracurricular activities are practically nonexistent outside of sports. The building is very outdated and the food is terrible. Despite these struggles,the teachers are excellent and they are truly dedicated. They go above and beyond for every child.
My experience here is not yet over, but I can say that I'm enjoying my time here. The thing I've enjoyed the most is the band and the family type environment. This school is full of diversity and a list of clubs/activities for students to participate in.
At Loachapoka, I learn a lot from my peers and teachers. At Loachapoka will come across tough challenges at times, but you have some great teachers who help and some who wants you to try to do better in finding the solution yourself. My experience with Loachapoka High School is average. They teach well in the subjects that we have. I like Loachapoka, because they have the time to individually talk to each student. They connect with their students and parents. I would like for Loachapoka to gain more subjects and allow more field trips.
My experience was great here at loachapoka its like everyone here are family.I came here in the 9th grade and people treated my with kindness I was never bullied loachapoka is one of the best schools in Lee county by far
The teachers are great at Loachapoka High School . They really encourage students to prepare for college and receive better grades to get accepted in these colleges. I would like to see more school involvement activities and clubs that a beneficial to community service and scholarships for college purposes.
They have a good system of teaching here at locha.
I honestly don't participate in many.
I miss my old school and haven't really adjusted to well to this schools social views.
It's okay but some teachers aren't as understanding as a graduating senior would expect them to be.
I Came to late in the school year at this school to even play any sport or get into any activities
As a student that got to the school only three-to-four months before graduation really didn't meet to many parents
the teachers and teaching staff honestly are great they teach you everything you need to know for college and prepare you for the future , sometime they may not fully understand the perspective of the student at times , but they try and they are humans just like everyone else.
The teachers are supportive and try their best to help students. The student's discipline is the biggest problem
we have the same thing every week
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not much to say they are ok i guess
the football and basketball programs get the most attention to me
most of the teachers seem to care about the students you have a few bad apples in the bunch. The principle is awesome she really cares about the kids
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