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Lloyd is a great high school. It has a smaller student body to where everyone knows everyone. The faculty knows their students well and most of the time by name. There are many great opportunities at Lloyd as well. There is dual credit classes that are offered at Lloyd, which are free when passing the class. I have taken those classes and it really helps build college credit and save money in the long run. There is also the vocational school that Lloyd participates in that offers many different career ideas.
I am grateful for my experience as a student when I attended, I met two of my best friends there. I had a couple of teachers who really cared about all the students whom they came in to contact with. I look back and realize I learned a lot and not just textbook but life lessons that are still relevant in my life as of today.
Small school that fits my personality. Teachers and administrators are excellent. They're very helpful! One thing I would've like that change were the opportunities and more offered classes that leads to a career readiness.
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Lloyd High School has had many changes in the last few years including principals and teachers and how the classes are laid out, however I believe most of those changes have been very beneficial and the counselors there do everything in their power to get you ready for college and constantly encourage better grades with programs to help you get better grades, for example if you are failing you have to stay after school to get work done for that class which may seem like a hassle for most students but it encourages passing grades. There is also a lot of financial aid help for students that are low income. I was able to take college classes for free as long as I kept my grades above a C which also encourages good grades. There is also a lot of fee waivers that you can use for ACT and PSAT which helped me pay for those tests. They also helped me pay for Application Fees to the colleges I applied for.
I liked that it is a small school where we all joked "If you get lost, just keep going right and you'll run into your classroom!". There are only 550 students at Lloyd and the closeness made everyone see that people are all truly equal. No cliques. No labels. No judgement. We are all one big family and nothing will prevent us from reaching our goals and helping others. Lloyd is also a part of a tight-knit community, combining two districts into one. I thank the loyal staff at this school and the friendships I have developed there for molding me into the person I have become today.
I liked Lloyd because that’s where I grew up I got to be with the same people my whole life. Everyone there knew each other and knew where we all came from. It was more like a family I could go to a school and wheather you had more or less than others you weren’t judged for just being you. What I didn’t like what’s the education level wasn’t as hard as it should be and high school should teach about life lessons too not just what you read in a text book. Lloyd at least tried to talk about some other things but more important things needed to be talked about like a banking account or finding scholarships and being on track for college.
I like that we had the ability to be rather flexible and to advance in our education and take upper level classes if we wished to. I would like to see more of the opportunities explained rather than have students just stumble upon what the school offers.
The thing I enjoy the most about Lloyd is the assurance and guidance that both my teachers and guidance counselors provide me. I know that attending Lloyd has put me in a good position and gives me a great opportunity for a successful future.
What I like about Lloyd High School is the amount of diversity our school has to offer. There are students of many different races and backgrounds. It makes our school unique. Another good thing about Lloyd are the teachers. The teachers are a huge help in the success of their students. The teachers want what is nest for the students. The staff at Lloyd are super helpful and are great at getting all their students ready for college. Lloyd High School is also an excellent school because of the amount of opportunities the students are able to obtain. Students, starting their junior year, can start taking college classes and get college and high school credit. Some students that graduate from Lloyd are already done with their first semester of college because of the amount of college credit they have received. Taking the college classes creates a great opportunity to have a feel of what college is going to be like. Overall, Lloyd High School is an excellent school to be apart of.
I came to Lloyd my junior from Holmes High school, when I got there I felt so welcomed. They make sure that everyone there is doing their best, they set on track to success by offering after school tutoring and things like ESS boot camp to help those who are struggling. They have a great staff of teachers who ensure success with the ACT and other test we need to take. They make sure that we don't let them down and more importantly ourselves.
Lloyd High School has continued to advance and grow over the years, even as I have graduated. I still remember walking to school and seeing a large banner that displayed Lloyd winning a bronze medal for being one of the top schools within the U.S. It made me very proud of my school, and I fully agree in the recognition of Lloyd's excellence.

I visit the school every so often, and the school continues to excel and grow. New courses continue to be added on, enriching Lloyd's curriculum. They offer many afterschool programs with a wide variety of interests and are rich in resources for students to receive help in their lives.

College readiness is very well done, but it could be improved on. The cafeteria food offered may use some work, but overall, I am very proud to be a graduate from Lloyd High School. I am well acquainted with the faculty and administration there to this day.
I love how the teachers went above and beyond to help the students improve. Need to enforce student behavior.
Lloyd high school was my second home. I loved every moment I spent there. The staff became my family and so did every student I met. Lloyd wasn't a big school, so I got to meet almost everyone. I loved being able to walk down the hallway and see tons of my friends. I liked knowing everyone, it made me feel less alone. Everybody is a somebody at Lloyd, and that meant a lot to me. It made me feel at home, safe and comfortable.
I like how diverse my High School is. Everybody gets along for the most part we have so many programs and sports to offer. and we are one of the best schools. Our test score even prove it! If I could change one thing about my school it would be the food. don't get me wrong its about average but I would like to see more variety.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my school experience,
Sincerely, Owen Shelley
Lloyd is a small school that has a lot of diverse students and we all get to learn about everyone's culture and it's very nice to see so many people with different backgrounds.
I enjoyed my time at Lloyd but only when around certain people, I was bullied my freshman year and didn't really establish a friend group until my sophomore year when i joined band. I loved being band though, it has by far been the most amazing experience of my life.
My experience at Lloyd Memorial High School was a long, but fun four years. Here I learned to grow up and mature overtime. The best thing about Lloyd has to be the staff. I have never met a more caring and easy to get along with faculty. There was always someone to lean on and everyone's door was always opened. They cared about every single student's education and want every child to succeed. They were welcoming and helped me get on the right path to a college education. I am grateful to have attended such a school and hope every child younger gets the same experience that I did.
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Lloyd was an amazing school through out my 4 years there. Lloyd had an amazing environment it felt like one big family at that school. The teachers were just great at their jobs and they also cared about our education. I just wish they would of served better food.
Lloyd is a tight knit community with a focus on education. All teachers want to see their students succeed and the school has many opportunities to take AP classes as well as dual credit classes. Many seniors attend local colleges as well as Lloyd to earn college credit. They are always looking for more opportunities to provide to the students. The education I've received has felt useful to me and is setting me up for a path to go to college; however, the school provides pathways for those looking to immediately enter the workforce upon graduation.
There are little to no bullying issues and student safety is a top priority at Lloyd.
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