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Lloyd C. Bird High School Reviews

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Lloyd C. Bird has some really good teacher, but it’s balanced out by some truly awful ones. The school has a poor reputation which is crazy because in all 4 of my years at Bird, I never saw a fight except online.
My experience at Bird was new for me as I came from another high school and everything was different to me. Rules were different and so were the teachers. I wasn't in my natural environment with my everyday friends and had to meet new people. I learned new things by taking computer classes and finding a new hobby. I would recommend staying here at Bird as the teachers were very helping and always pushed you to do better!
I absolutely love the diversity and acceptance at LC Bird. I just wish students were more spirited and could actively participate in school activities. It’s almost as if the school has given up and and is struggling with funds to make high school a memorable experience for students.
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Here at Lloyd C Bird, I think it was just a normal High School like any other school but we had many activities and clubs that you could join. The teachers were helpful and ready to teach, some teachers were nicer than others. All of the administrators were great and it is a good school to go to but I think all schools are some what the same.
I loved the after school activities as those teachers could tell your passion and drive to want to do something productive with your time.
L.C. Bird is a mixing pot of many different kinds of students and teachers. This mix of socioeconomic background prepares members of the Skyhawk community for life in the real world. As a student you are encouraged to attend events and to get involved in within the community. Although the student section may not be the loudest or most excited in the county, the pride is there.

Part of what makes L.C. Bird so diverse is the mix of students that have Bird as their home high school and the students who come to the school for the Engineering program. The engineering program encourages students to think outside of the box and actively encourages students to take steps to prepare them for college. The engineering program also brings in a wide variety of STEM related programs to the school for all students to participate in.
I overall loved it my first few years but eventually the environment wasn't nice. There was always drama but at the same time its high school so what can you really do about that.
I like how it's a very open and positive atmosphere and everyone looks out for each other. The administration is always looking to help the students with any struggles their dealing with as well. Only thing I would change is that we could go back to having our Power-up Monday pep-rallies.
L.C. Bird High School is a very welcoming and engaging school that provides academic help for their students and the teachers help you if they notice you are struggling in certain subjects.
This is the most diverse school in Chesterfield County, and most of the teachers seem to feel satisfied with their jobs, which helps learning thrive.
When people think of high school, most dread hearing the name, while others think back on the parties and celebrations they hosted. Feelings of high school are mixed for all students; everyone’s experiences are different. What was my highschool experience like? My four years were the greatest years of my life to date. I’ve met plenty of people who I’ve grown to cherish; people I’m positive I’ll grow old with. I’ve experienced some of the funniest scenarios, from embarrassing presentations to dunking teachers in freezing water. I’ve learned to expect the unexpected. Consequently, with happiness comes the hardships. I’ve dealt with issues, issues I didn’t think I could even get through. Although it was difficult, I managed with friends and family surrounding me, supporting me. Overall, my experience was one I will never forget. I’ve evolved and changed into someone I didn’t think I could. High school taught me how to be better and do better; to mature.
I have really enjoyed my experience at L.C. Bird High School. I will never forget my experience of high school.
L.Lloyd C. Bird is devoted to the students, parents, staff and teachers. Chesterfield County stand out for their love for they're community. It's a pleasant, comforting, educated, loving experience at L.Lloyd C Bird
Bird has some really nice teachers. I come from another
Chesterfield school and it was kind of hard to adjust. But that’s also because I keep mostly to myself.
teachers are really nice and help students when they are having problems understanding the material. students are treated very respectfully, after school activities are also a good thing. They help you make friends at school and get to meet new people that are interested in the same things you are.
I came to this school three weeks after school started my senior year, and so far I've made no friends and my teachers don't put much effort in making sure I get all of my makeup work done. The diversity is great, and the food is pretty good too.
Bird has great teachers and the pre-engineering program really sets its students up for excellence in their college years. If there was more participation in clubs, then the school as a whole would be able to come together much better. Overall my experience at Lloyd C. Bird has definitely helped me get myself ready for college with a focus in engineering.
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I started at L.C. Bird High School February 2016, and I found it very welcoming and inviting by the teachers. I love how academically diverse it is, and how ethnically diverse Bird is. I would like to see how the students attitude at Bird change.
Wish they focused more on academics than culture and sports. Speciality students were under appreciated and under recognized
I have attended L.C Bird High School since I was a high school freshman. We excel in school sports and school academics.
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