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Going to school in a small town obviously means that you’re in for very clicky experience. The teaches and administrators play favorites.
Doesn’t adequately prepare for college, strict and sexist dress code, religious and conservative, horrible food, decent band, a few really awesome teachers, passing state tests are all that really matter, lots of coaches, cliquey, major favoritism, football is put first even though we sucked and hardly ever won, 55% of Llano’s population has a high school diploma/GED or lower education if that tells you something about how FANTASTIC this school is!!!
I like the fact that the school is small and the community is very involved and supportive of students and staff.
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Llano is a good school and like any other small town school, the politics are horrible and they dominate every decision that is made in that school. Its not about the kids. Its about who you are, what your last name is and how much power do you have.
Llano HS is a relatively small school and sure, you may not get the same experience as you would with a large school. However, with being such a small school everyone knows each other! You can get one-on-one with a teacher without having to worry if he or she will be able to fit you in. The entire school has a very relaxed feeling which allows for students to study to their max without interruption. The staff is amazing and will help you as best as they can and will fit in a time for you. The students are full of potential and here, we strive to do our best. All in all, it's a great place to be.
Llano High School Is a safe and friendly school. Although it is lacking in activities, you can still enjoy your time here with the friendly teachers.
Llano High School has been my home for the last four years and I love it because of the friendly atmosphere. I have always felt that I had a place in the school. The only thing I would change is the separation between grades and different groups of people. While my school is very small, I still do not know many of the people I go to school with.
Llano high school is a place where test scores are the most important thing to the principal, instead of exploring the student's interests and abilities in anything other than knowing how to take a test. Half the teachers are excellent, half are probably employed because they have connections. The food is disturbing, and not a good lunch environment is provided. There is little diversity, if at all. This is just what seems to come from small towns in general though, so there's not much that can be done there.
The Llano high school staff are always willing to go out of their way to help you get the education you deserve.
I've been going to this district for 12 years. It is a small school and town so we do know everyone and all the teachers from every school. when I got into junior high the staff really took care of you and when I needed help they pulled me aside and I got my associates. HIgh school was a little through to the wolfs. becoming a senior they have helped me figure out all the struggles to apply or what will work best for my future.
My experience at Llano High School is outstanding. I have had ups and downs but at the end the Llano High School community helps me though thick and thin. I love how if someone needs help everybody pitches in to give a hand. The things i would change is to have activity period everyday because it helps students a lot, it gives us time to finish in-class work and homework. We are awarded the Silver Medal in the district.
I love the sense of community and unity at Llano High School. I have been attending Llano schools since I was in kindergarten and I could not have chosen a better town and school to grow up in.
I would like to see a cleaner better facility, with more diversity and more amounts of clubs to be offered. I do like the small town feel and that almost every staff member knows who you are.
Here at Llano High School, we have small classes, and everyone gets along very well. All of your teachers know your name, and take time to help you with anything you need. Not only do we have good teachers, but we also have great counselors. My counselor has helped a lot throughout y high school career.
I would say my experience at Llano High School has been a lot of fun and a great teaching experience on life and education. The teachers really care about you and not just how you're doing academically but how you are in life. All the students get along great and I have made some lasting friendships here.
I liked how our school is so close and we are like one big family and how everyone helps you too succeed and teach you how too strive in the real world. The one thing i wish would change would be too fix the food issue.
Llano is an all around good school, but there is a lot of bullying, mistreatment, and educators who don't really help when a student really needs them.
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I would like to see stricter drug testing rules. they need to have random drug testing and test everyone in athletics. If you do not pass then you do not play. we also need to have a longer lunch break. 25 minutes is not enough time to eat and relax.
My first 3 years of High School were quite pleasant. Our principals were kind and more than willing to encourage active learning. My year as a senior has been less successful as we have gotten a new principal who has changed all of our traditions and would much rather focus on dress code rather than giving us opportunities to learn.
This school has been great the past three years. This current school year has been awesome, as well, so far. It is a smaller so school so the family like atmosphere has been a neat part of it. I have really enjoyed going to school at Llano High School.
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