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Although I believe there should be more than just an art and Spanish class, the classes are fun including the core classes.
I was bullied once at the school and was called a racial slur. It hurt me inside and out but the school did all that they could to help me feel comfortable again. After that incident, just a day after, we had a bully meeting and the issue was squashed before it could get any bigger. Although the girl was not expelled, they did their best and now, her and I are somewhat friends.
The dance team was one of the best in the state! Everyone loved when they performed! All of their dances meant something! Whether it were a no bullying campaign or just be yourself and have fun campaign! The dance team was a great part of Liza Jackson.
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At this school, out of the six schools I have attended, I've made the closest friends and also have learned my potential as a student. At this school they stressed that it was an IB school ( International Baccalaureate). It's an incredible school and environment, and it taught me a lot of what I know today. It still helps me apply a bountiful amount of knowledge to any of my situations. It has taught me to be perceptive to any situation around me and to always act like I'm being watched by the most important person in the world.
The teachers and staff are extremely amazing people who put in all of their heart and soul into practicing and being a teacher! In the three years i was there, all 21 of my teachers were outstanding. When I had had bad days or bad times in their classes they'd help cheer me up and then would carry on to help me succeed in the class room. It was a preparatory school and they did exactly that. The things they taught, not just including the basics, definitely helped me and is still helping me through high school.
I love this school and for me, it was fantastic. I have always been very good at school so having challenging classes available to me was a blessing. On the other hand, my younger brother who attended the same school, has always had trouble with school and seemed to always fall into the cracks. This school definitely likes to help strong students succeed but is maybe not the best for those that need extra help.
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