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Livonia Senior High School Reviews

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I can tell that most of the staff at Livonia really cares about us as their students and wants us to grow and learn. Although some teachers seem unreasonable at times, no teacher is perfect, and it is a good way to experience having to put in the extra work to do well in the class. Personally, I get frustrated at times with some teachers, but I feel like when we go out into the real world, there are going to be people with whom we do not get along with, but we have to make it work in a professional workplace. We have an amazing music program here at Livonia as well as a variety of clubs and sports. However, sometimes I wish I could take more classes because everything I want to do never seems to all fit in my schedule.
I really like the 80 minute blocks. It especially helped because I am a 3 sport player. I am very impressed with most of the teaching staff. They really made me feel very comfortable in class and getting extra help. I would like to see less interaction with the Middle school kids. They need to stay in their wing. I really wish my counselor told me more of my options so I didn't take so much engineering. I really wanted to do more business, but she made it seem like I had to do engineering all through high school.
Generally a very good public school. There are some great opportunities for students here. However, I find that a lot of the teachers are incredible burnout and unfortunately it is often taken out on students. The traditions at this school, however, are numerous and honestly something amazing, it really brings the school together.
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Teachers and administration need better training to help those with special needs. Their reactions to special needs students are poor.
Livonia High School is an overall great school filled with staff who are truly passionate about their careers. They have a multitude of clubs and activities for students to get involved in. Livonia also has many sports teams with awesome facilities.
this place is my home. there's two reasons why i love this place so much, first it has a incredible disc golf course, secondly it has Wilkins creek on it's campus. Wilkins creek is a marvel of nature and one of the purest beauties in the world, i cry every time i see it. We also won states in baseball so yeah we're pretty good ok.
As a small school in Western New York, Livonia does not have the opportunities that larger suburban schools have; however, it does have a strong community base which is highly involved with the school. The close knit community enables a strong alumni base and a good community involvement with the school and it's activities. Its swimming, soccer, and musical theater programs are phenomenal.
My overall experience with Livonia Senior High School has been positive. I have always felt like the teachers really cared about my education. I have been able to take courses that are intellectually challenging and participate in clubs and activities that suit my interests. It does not offer as many APs or as wide of a varitey of clubs and activities that you would find at a larger high school though. There is also very little diversity in Livonia, but that can be expected from a small rural town in Upstate New York.
Livonia High School is a great school to attend. I was given and offered so many amazing opportunities in my education as well in extracurricular activities. I had so many great teachers and the staff is overall really great. They definitely prepared me for college.
Livonia High School was a great experience for me. I did well academically, and all of the teachers were very supportive and made the classroom a fun place to be. I was on the Varsity Track Team and that improved my time at Livonia by creating another community for me to be in. All the sports were very supported by the school's students and staff. Overall, it was a wonderful high school experience.
I really liked going to Livonia High School. It was somewhere I could be myself. The teachers were incredibly caring toward their students and have so much passion for what they do.
I have gone to school in Livonia ever since I was in kindergarten. The teachers are very helpful and most of the students are accepting of each other. All of the visitors say how great of a school we have and how they wish they had a similar school. Would recommend!
Livonia senior high school is an amazing school. Livonia is a very small community, everyone knows one another and every one is friendly. The academics and class diversity is amazing. There are many classes to take, engineering, art, college classes, biology and nutrition. Amazing athletics program, many of the teams make it through sectionals onto states, even to nationals!
The music department in this school is the best I have ever seen in high schools, and almost everyone gets involved. Sports and music are the best things about this school. However, there isn't a big push to try to get students to go to college, and about half of graduates end up not doing anything career-wise.
First coming to Livonia school I wasn't sure how good of an experience it was going to be. As a new kid, naturally everything scared me but the teachers were very patient and kind and went out of their ways to help students succeed. We got a new principal at the beginning of this school year and she's such a sweet and caring woman who has the best interests of her students at heart and has given me way more extensions on thing then I deserved. Every school has drama but with Livonia it is such a small community that almost everyone gets along and it makes it a great and welcoming environment.
As a senior I loved high school, I loved all my friends and all the opportunities i had. I loved trying new things and being most involved as i could. I was involved as a link leader through out high school which was a specific group of people that help the school change for the better and also help incoming freshman to the new school. If their was something that I had to change about my school it would have to be having all our classes participate in more events.
It has that small school feel so everyone cares about everyone
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The teachers are very helpful and kind.
A salted peanut was talking to a non-salted peanut. What did he say?

Nothing , Peanuts cant talk!
The academics are great with one of the highest ratings in NY state for public schools but sometimes the parents and teachers can be a little overbearing.
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