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I attended Livonia High School in middle school and I thought the teachers were pretty good for the most part it was just some of students who caused my experience to be not so great.
I do not attend the actual Livonia High School. I attend Livonia High School's satellite school. I go to STEM Magnet Academy of Pointe Coupee. I will be part of the first graduating class of the satellite school. I believe this school is a good school, but it could be so much better. I was better as just a middle and highschool. Elementary was added to the school as the years have gone on, and I think that adding elementary not only hurt the parish's school funding, but it also hurt the school as a whole. The school is focused on elementary and less on highschool now.
I don’t attend Livonia High School itself. I, however, attend STEM Magnet Academy of Pointe Coupee, which is a program of the main school, Livonia High School. STEM Magnet Academy is probably the best thing that could have ever happened to me, education wise. The teachers and administrators are kind and caring. They make sure you are doing everything that needs to be done in order for you to not only pass but succeed once we leave the school. They are constantly making sure we are college ready in every assignment and activity we complete. They aren’t the kind of teachers that are only there to get paid. They take their time and make sure you understand the lessons and homework. They care about us and our grades and they want to see us succeed.
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Livonia High School has a program called STEM Magnet Academy of Pointe Coupee, which is where I attend now. When Stem opened up, I applied for a better education. My first year at Stem was overwhelming, because there needed to be a lot of extra work put into the assignments. I believe that Stem has prepared me for college because I am taking 3 dual enrollment classes this year. Stem is approximately 25 minutes away from Livonia. Livonia hosts all of the varsity sports, while Stem hosts the middle school sports. When I was a freshman at Stem, I had to take an athletic bus after school to Livonia to play volleyball. This was frustrating sometimes, because First Student, the bus company our school board is with, did not always come through with a bus or it would be late. Stem has a football stadium like Livonia, except Stem uses their stadium for soccer and Livonia uses theirs for Football. The Stem soccer field is not as intact as Livonia's football field judging from experience.
When I attended Livonia High School in 2015 it was a school that did have many programs or scholarships for students who were trying to go out and succeed in at higher education. I was a straight A student and had an overall 3.8 GPA but I still did not receive much funding or scholarships in my senior year in 2015. As a college student now I'm am still struggling to pay for my tuition and fees and also paying for books and other necessities that I need. I hope I can receive this scholarship in order to help with my college education. I would hope that the students now at Livonia are graduating from Livonia and receiving to scholarships and funds they to further their education.
Livonia is really not a bad school. I would just like to have more added to the curriculum. When I talk to people from other schools, they know way more than me. The stuff that they are being taught is stuff that I never heard of in my life. Livonia focuses on discipline more than education.
Livonia High school is overall a good High school although there is a certain lack of resources need to help students prepare for the different aspects of being a prospective college student. The best time to be a Livonia student is possibly during football season when the whole school along with the team, parents, and spirit groups come together to get a win and compete for a game in the dome
I liked the outdoor pep rally we had in 2018. The football games, that were away games, were really fun. Prom of 2018 was really fun and memorable. I had fun on the field trips I went on in my 9th grade year (I went on at least 6 that year)
Livonia high school is a small " innocent" high school I wouldn't say I love going to Livonia, but I can say I've learned a lot from attending this school. My high school experience was fun and exciting. One thing I love about Livonia high school is the students. One thing I would change is our administrators.
It’s a wonderful school I received a great education I graduated on time with a TOPS Diploma and because of that school I got into the college i’ve always wanted to go to.
If you have any problems at Livonia High the teachers and principal will step in to help you in any way possible. I would like to see the schoolhave more options for students in theater, etc.
I liked how small the classes were, and the teachers actually cared. The experience was great, and I actually feel like my teachers prepared me for college.
I love my LHS family. I will miss walking the halls of my school and all the people that have influenced me into my nursing journey.
I plan on attending college at OLOL in the fall of this year
Livonia offers a lot. It does have your standard high school drama but it gives you free college classes.
Livonia high Is a fantastic school with many opportunities. The dance team is amazing and our school clubs are very involved. The teachers really help us learn and encourage us to do our best.
What I liked about the school was its diversity! I would change the teachers at the school because the ones we have none do not really teach very well.
Livonia High School is good school because of there amazing students it have there, and there involvement in sports and school. Teachers and Staff are very resourceful and helpful. One thing they could change around there is there food, it is not really that great.
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Livonia high school is a place to truest express yourself! In my experience so far, Livonia faculty creates a continuously positive atmosphere around the students. The high school presents many opertunities to enrich in higher education studies through AP or GCC/MCC, helping their students thrive through academics. Also, at the moment livonias sports are ranked well in the state thanks to outstanding coaching from school coaches as well as those who support us in our community.
Livonia is an okay school. Its a dirty school and some teachers are not the best. Sadly, they do not prepare you well enough for college.
This school basically runs off sports. Being in the one of the lowest paid districts doesn't help, and the fact that most of the teachers here are either TFAs or coaches adds to it. The only way this school could have a chance at getting better if it had the money to hire higher-quality teachers.
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