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Loved attending this school. I made a lot of memories with classmates and staff members. Being a school with fewer students than most other schools, the teachers are able to spend extra beneficial time with their students to ensure academic success.
I went here from kindergarten through sixth grade. It wasn’t a bad school, but it did not get me to the resources I needed to get through higher education. After leaving that school I homeschooled which was more to my liking, but still did not solve my problems. I am only getting mental health assistance now that I am in univeristy
Hello, my name is Yessenia Sanchez and I have attended Livingstone Adventist Academy since the 4th grade. It has impacted me spiritually, academically, physically and emotionally. I have created lifetime friendships and made connections with people I never thought I would meet. I have wonderful and dedicated teachers who truly care about each and every one of their students. I have been given the opportunity to play sports and take awesome electives such as yearbook production, choir, and wilderness skills. Livingstone not only gives you academic knowledge but it gives you a safe place where you can be who you are and have a family.
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Livingstone Adventist Academy is one of my favorite places ever. The teachers and staff are amazing. the people there are so cool and amazing, they are like my second family. i have made so many friends there that i know i will have for a long time. the atmosphere is so friendly and good. i love how the teachers encourage us to grow in our spirituality and academics. i would recommend going to a private school over public school if you can afford it. it really is worth it. we have so many trips and great experiences here that you cant get anywhere else.
I think it's a great school if you're looking for good Adventist education. The resources are low but the environment is absolutely amazing.
Over my fours years at Livingstone Adventist Academy, I couldn't have asked for anything more in a private high school. The feel was not that of a large school, but of an interconnected family who knew everyone. The teachers there genuinely care about your success and are there for you at all times. If you ever have a question, they are there for you to come to them. The other fellow students there are also very accepting and understanding to all of those that come in regardless of their previous background. I wouldn't trade my relationships and experiences I made there for anything!
My experience at Livingstone college seems to be very promising. Not only are the students kind and academically driven, but the professors are daring and determined. I can certainly say that Livingstone College is a college where failure is never an option. The professors are not afraid to push you to your fullest potential, and at the time it doesn't seem like it is beneficial but in the long run many will tell you it helped them greatly to achieve their goals. As for the students of Livingstone college I can proudly say that these young ladies and gentlemen are being shaped and molded by the school to be successful business men and women in the world.
The teachers are able to provide a lot of one on one time since it is a small school. The school also provides a lot of unique experiences such as different camping trips and mission trips.
LAA is a very small school and enables you to have close interactions between both students and teachers. You get individualized teaching, studies, and relationships. It's a good place to try new things because everything is open to everyone interested. However, because the size of the school it will be hard to excel in any specific sport, music, or extracurricular activity. Academics vary depending on the teacher. The spiritual aspect of the school is struggling and does not make it a priority in students lives.
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