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The academics and school environment were good. There are a lot of AP classes to choose from, as well as sports, clubs, and activities.
Livingston High School guarantees you an excellent education well-equipped with highly qualified and kind teachers. I particularly liked the music education program that LHS offered--Mrs. Ciminnisi and Mr. Salzman are incredible musicians and even better human beings.

LHS also offers a myriad clubs and organizations to get involved in after school as there is plenty of time left in the day with a school day that ends at 2:41PM.

LHS also sets you up for great academic success after high school; I have applied so much of what I have learned from LHS in college...highly recommend!
Wee have college classes that most high schools do not have. For example, our school offers Biotechnology which only a few schools offer. In addition, the amount of technical support that we have has tremendously assisted during this time of online learning as well as being able to get your problems fixed by the tech help board. However, I would love to see the student council has more power. Perhaps a student store or even a Census offered to have students recognize the cultural aspects of the school. In addition, despite the fact that Livingston has many cultures I do want to see more cultural nights. One thing that I appreciate about LHS is that they offer a lot of freedom and I am able to recognize my study habits and a taste of what college might look like. However, although we have a lot of freedom, the guidance they support us with is just a constant reminder that we are taken care of in a positive way.
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It's all about finding your people at this school. There are a lot of cliques so it is important to find the people that make you feel good about yourself. They offer a lot of unique classes which is great. There are also great teachers for the most part. The curriculum is pretty rigorous though.
My education in Livingston began in kindergarten. all my teachers were excellent, many whom i call my favorites, even the principal of the HS is awesome!!
they definitely prepare you for college and give me confidence toward my career goals.
Livingston High School is a good school, especially if you are interested in STEM. The teachers an facility are outstanding and they do a great job preparing students for college.
Overall was a great experience. Teachers and faculty were supportive and professional. Parents are too involved and hinder the schools ability to maintain an atmosphere of authority and respect for Educators. Course selection was good, many options for clubs and extra-curricular activities if you are not into sports. Location is central to the main area of town so easy to get to and from.
I liked Livingston High School because most of the teachers I had taught me the fundamentals I needed and life and inspired to do something important with my life. Throughout my time at Livingston High School, I have met fantastic friends, inspiring and significant teachers, and was able to learn so much and prepare myself for college in the process. If I could change anything about my school I would possibly like to see more diversity just because I feel like my school is not that diverse, and also I would love to see electives available to people looking to study specific things in college, like me for example who wants to go into Speech Pathology. I would have loved to see maybe classes related to teaching or speech or something of that sort that could help me progress in my major in the future.
I love it. Classes are not difficult and are incredibly informative. Every year, I feel that each and every one of my teachers is dedicated to my success. As I have increased the rigor of my courses, the curriculums in my classes have allowed me to challenge myself without burying me in work. As graduation nears, I realize how much I will miss the school once I graduate.
My journey in Livingston High School brought me to where I am now and the success I have now was built on the experiences I had with all the good and bad influences that came in and out of my life at school. Not to mention, the supportive teachers and counselors that helped me conquer every obstacle in the way.
Livingston High School is a great school in a great community. The campus is beautiful in itself. Most teachers love their job and teach with passion, making each class interesting. However, there are occasional discouraging environments created by teachers or staff. Despite that, this school is one that I'm very thankful for as there are many high level classes and teachers who have influenced me greatly for the better.
The school is wonderful, a great education and experience for young adults to spend their years growing and learning while discovering themselves and going onto their paths in life.
Fairly competitive high school that prepares you well for college. Teachers care about teaching, there are so many different extracurriculars and unique classes to choose from. However, there is a serious lack of diversity
Livingston High School is a very high stress, competitive high school. It is very cliquey and elite, but has great educational resources. Sports are subpar.
Livingston High School covers a wide variety of subjects, with a wide variety of resources, with a strong academic culture that pushes its students to strive to do better academically, and working with the student government as well.
Livingston Senior High School has been vital in the development of my character and interests. It provides so many resources for its students to thrive in a high school environment but also find what they want to do afterward. They have so much to offer, including electives that cannot be found at the majority of other schools. Any student who attends Livingston Senior High School is bound to succeed in the college environment and find a job that they love.
Overall, this is a very good school. Livingston High School will definitely prepare you in terms of academics and there is a large variety of courses that a student can choose to take. Teachers and administration all want students to succeed. There are also a lot of clubs and activities, especially some that were created by students, that cater to all kinds of interests. The school is also pretty diverse but definitely has the potential to become more diverse.
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The thing about this high school is that the social life is very cliquey and segregated which makes it hard to be active socially. This has made my high school experience pretty hard but the academics are really good and competitive.
I wish Cafeteria can provide more variety of foods, and would like to have higher level digital imaging class.
A good school with dedicated teachers. I'm currently in college and I feel like I was well-equipped.
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