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I love Livingston high school because the faculty and staff are always super nice. They are very supportive of all clubs and organizations also! They are FFA program and Choir program is amazing with great ag teachers and an awesome choir director.
I like the small class sizes, but it seems that many teachers aren't properly trained in their subjects.
There are many teacher and coaches I have loved at my school. What I haven’t liked is the inconsistency the administration has shown when it comes to student discipline. They 100% show favoritism towards certain students , which is complete unfair to other students. All students deserve to be treated equally. If you cut one kid some slack, do it for everyone one.
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I like the involvement within the school district. The sports programs and the coaches are very involved with the players, and take the time to get to know them outside of the sport. They are reliable people, and someone to turn to for the athletes. The principal and the assistant principals work hard to make sure the rules are executed, and that the school is a safe environment. The teachers work hard to make sure we obtain the information needed to pass. The medical programs in the school are great for certain certifications and a hands on experience in a variety of medical practices. The counselors work hard to prepare us for college, as well as applying for college, scholarships, and helping register students for the ACT and SAT.
My time at Livingston High School was the most important time of my life. I graduated and felt that I left behind a piece of myself at Livingston High School. The teachers were friendly and helpful. The Principal was understanding. The janitor even had advice for me. Thank you, Livingston High School!
There are many sports and extra curricular activities to do. Teachers are okay and administration is okay but I had a great 4 years of high school there.
The things I liked about Livingston High School was the spirit, and how much they push the seniors to do better, to apply to things, get involved. Most teachers really love to help and teach students which I really appreciated. They need to work on worrying about kids class time instead of disciplining them.
I like the teachers and sports and overall the school. I grew up here in livingston and love the home town. I love they have volleyball, powerlifting, and other sports. This school is a great school to go to.
I was lucky to have great teachers at Livingston High School. The school may be small, but it is full of wonderful mentors.
They have great faculty who care about their student's education. Also, the building itself is fairly nice and new. However, the food is not good and healthy. They need to improve on their food quality.
What I loved about my High School is how we came together as one. When a loved friend would pass away the whole school would stop there fussing and arguing and support the friends and family, We came together and loved one another, during the hard times and good times no matter what happened, there would always be someone who would hold your hand or give you a tissue just to say, it will be ok. My time here has been filled with ups and downs and the teachers would make sure that I was ok, I never sleep during school so when they noticed I started sleeping and slacking off they would pull me aside and want to talk to me, they would want to help because they cared. Livingston High School is literally a family that keeps on growing, we loose some and we gain some, but we are and will always be Lion Country.
LHS is a great school. The teachers are amazing, the academics are phenomenal, and there is so much care for all the students. The teachers are always willing to help you in any way possible whether it be staying after school, coming to school before 7 seven or just helping review for a test. The academics are the schools top priority everyday.
My favorite part of our high school is the teachers. This year, roughly 1/3 of them were replaced. The teachers that left were the bad ones, and the new teachers are incredible. Not only am I growing academically because of them, I am growing in character.
My experience with Livingston High School was not horrible but it was not the best. The faculty at the school was not the best. The teachers were to lenient when it came to assignments begin done. Some teachers would literally just read out of the book and not explain a thing. Expecting students to know all the material without preparing the students for what was on the exam. Not all of the faculty was that way but a handful was.
It was a nice environment, but I didn't feel safe all the time. I really liked some of the teachers, but some of them were not really apt at teaching or didn't know how to teach. The clubs and extracurricular activities were very nice and fun to in.
Livingston High School was a great experience with some fantastic teachers who help in every way possible. My favorite thing about Livingston High School was the sports team even if we did not do so well it was a great way to meet new people who are interested in the sport you love.
My experience at Livingston High School has been great. My school is very accepting and everyone seems to get along very well, due to the small town. I've made some amazing friends and connected with teachers I will never forget about. Despite all the homework and projects I wouldn't want it any other way.
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I have had a good overall experience at Livingston High School. I have a variety of friends and I am able to take college courses while in high school.
The students are very diverse, but we all somewhat get along with each other.
The school is moderately safe. But the town is so small that nothing usually happens there anyway.
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