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I liked how there were a lot of opportunities such as help with a job resume/mock interview process. I also like how we got the opportunity to receive the seal of biliteracy showing how we are bilingual. I feel like overall the school does a good job on focusing on inclusivity and representing are school well although we are a bit out of date physically. The school does a good job of meeting students' needs as the school is small and everyone knows everyone, so I grew up with a lot of students that I went to kindergarten with. I feel like this made my experience much more unique and special. I am really going to miss this school as much as I couldn't wait for it to be over, this experience was definitely worthwhile especially as I look back at all the memories and things I took for granted. Never thought it would be over just as quick as it started. Brings tears to my eyes #classof2020
I liked that we were a fairly small campus and yet are striving to incorperate a lot of new teaching and learning techniques. All of our students have chromebooks that we can take home and have different project through out the school year that we can show case to the community.
I like Livingston High School because there is a lot of diversity and since it is a small school everybody is like a family. You really get to make good friends and it is very fun. One thing I would change is having more clubs and classes offered at the school.
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There are many great things about Livingston High School. The school is small, therefore the classes are limited so you are likely to have class with the same people. Another example why our high school is great is because it's well maintenanced. Pride is taken by workers and students to make it look nice and clean.
One of my favorite things about Livingston High School is the diversity at the school. Throughout my four years of high school, I have seen much open mindedness towards new students or long time students among the staff and the students. Something I would change would be adding more AP courses. Right now, we only have AP calculus, English, History, Spanish and Biology. I would like for there to be an AP chemistry, Physics and other languages. For calculus there is only an option to take AB and BC is not available.
I like that this school is a very small school, everyone knows one another and you can make friends easily! Although, it is sometimes very easy to not make friends, enemies instead. I would also say that sometimes the lack of diversity makes it harder to learn new things about other cultures, etc., but of course that it is not the school's fault.
My experience at Livingston high school was amazing! I loved everything from it from the teachers to classmates, to classes. The clubs and sports are exciting to watch and hanging out with friends is always a blast. There is a new fence added around the school which is a big plus in safety, along with liaisons walking around at all times. It is truly a second home and students are welcomed to feel like one big family.
I love the diversity within our school and our community of Livingston. The school is very loving and students are always encouraged to be involved in the many school activities we have to offer.
What I liked most about Livingston High School was the variety of different Career classes to choose from. There’s many options for everyone to choose from. I started with IT and Technology classes from making robots to fixing actual computers. I then changed to Business and Crimonolgy type of classes. Being able to switch from career to career so easily makes it a splendid way for students to find what they want to do with their career life.
I enjoy the music department of Livingston high school. it's an enjoyable experience and is the only department with true, real passion.
At Livingston High School we can see a more modern environment. I'd like to say that bullying and judgement are not usual here.
Most the students who attend this school are heartless and rude. The staff is okay, although it isn't their best.. I feel like this school isn't for me, I don't feel like I belong here and I've been wanting to leave this school for the longest time now. Everyday I wake up and never have the energy to get up and go to school. While i'm at school I don't socialize because everyone here only ever spread negativity.
Livingston High School is an excellent high school that is full of teachers and students that are caring and hard working. The staff are all amazing and work hard for the students, there is a very special bond between them. This high school is excellent school with a lot of support for all so that no student ever feels left out.
I am a senior at Livingston High school in which I have been attending for four years. I have enjoyed my time at the high school, but there are a few critics that have yet to be made at the school. The facilities are in the process of being improved, but parent involvement is low.
The highschool overall is okay however the only thing I believe they do well is have teachers push and motivate you even though they lack the resources to teach certain things. They care.
I liked the enviornment I was surrounded in, Livingston High School has teachers who care about the students future and offer as much help as they can.
This school is okay.. It's small and everyone knows each other whether you want to or not! Does okay in sports but not the best especially football. Teacher are nice and want to succeed and get into a great college although most students don't want to, only the smartest kids get out of this town and the rest just graduate HS. The diversity is mostly Hispanic and Indian origin and a few whites. Overall if you want to be surrounded by diversity and attend a small school then this school is for you!
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Livingston High School is a great high school. What I like the most is that since Livingston High is located in a small town, everyone at school is no stranger to each other making it a welcoming place. There are a variety of clubs that fit everyone's interests and cultures plus a wide selection of sports despite the size of the school. Overall, attending Livingston High was a great exerience.
Overall Livingston itself is a very nice little town there is a strong sense of community not only in school but outside as well. The teachers really try to prepare you for college and from what I have noticed they genuinely care about your success. There are not many class options, however the classes they do have are strong. I would recommend this school to anyone who does not want to feel lost and alone in a big school.
The people here are very friendly. They are welcoming, kind, and take interest in you. The teachers here strive to meet you needs and push you to excel. Overall the campus life is exilerating as well as lively.
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