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It’s a pretty average school, but I grantee you’ll have the best four years of high school ever if you have a good group of friends with you, also if you do what you need to do throughout the entire school year.
Some things I like about Livingston is the students have a voice. What I mean by that is we decide on what’s the next move we come together as one big family and discuss on what’s is what.
What I love about Livingston Collegiate is that they don't let you fall. They stay with you until you can function on your own. They are there every step of the way to make sure you accomplish your goals.
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Livingston Collegiate Academy and the entire network have endless potential. The leader Livingston Collegiate Academy should stop depending on the "little birdy bff told me" approach to getting to know new staff members, and their performances. Many of the people that surround the leader, have their own agenda, but the leader is blinded by perceived friendship. If he takes the time to actually have 1:1 open conversations with new, and non-in crowd staff members, he may realize that other people have talents that will not be reported to him for obvious reasons. Changing your current in-crowd approach to leadership may have a profound positive effect on your current extensive turnover rate.

The school has a lot of potential, but the CEO needs to step-in to get to know non-friend, and family staff to enable them to have growth opportunities as well.
Livingston Collegiate is a wonderful school, and I’ve enjoyed my time as being a student there. Though, because I was a member of the founding class we probably weren’t given all the opportunities available towards us. As of the moment there isn’t many AP or IB classes, but Livingston makes up for that with half-day programs like Bard Early College New Orleans or the New Orleans Career Center, which provides valuable experiences that can help you academically/professionally. A good thing about Livingston is that there’s is student leadership opportunities available. For example, there’s a thing called flex box which is three 30 minute blocks which students can participate in clubs or extra tutoring help. It’s fairly easy to make a club, as I did one during my junior year (Anime Club).
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As a founder of Livingston Collegiate Academy, this school helped me grow academically and emotionally. I've had so much fun and positive experiences there. I hope that nothing changes for this school.
I am part of the first graduating class of 2020, so I have had to grow with my school since we have both been experiencing our first years. I have had plenty of really good days and plenty of really bad, but all in all I think my school and it's staff really care about me and want me to succeed.
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