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I have grew up in the Livingston County school systems. I love this county with my whole heart. The teachers truly want the best for their students.
I enjoyed the activities and sports. There are many opportunities for each student to be involved. The administration and staff care for the students and want them to succeed. If you are falling behind in classes or school work, there are tutoring opportunities for you to catch up on your work and get extra help. The school is also very committed to safety. I felt safe every day I was there, which is a very important quality that every school should have.
Overall I love the fact that it is a small school system and that the teachers seem to care about their students. Everyone knows everyone, however that also can be a disadvantage because there isn't enough diversity to prepare the students for the "outside" world if parents are not able to provide those experiences.
I have been overall pleased with my child's education, however there is lacking a wide range of extra curricular activities. The past few months the school has been making several changes some of which may need to be rethought.
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My friends made my high school experience enjoyable. The teacher's could put a little more effort into preparing me for college. The clubs and activities were enjoyable as well.
It is a small school that offers college classes, community involvement , sports at every grade level. With it being a small school and community, everyone knows everyone and they really try and help in whatever college path you are looking for. They make you feel very safe at school and the staff are all there to help you out and answer any questions that we might have.
Not very good when it comes to education. Sure, you learn things, but the teachers and staff care way more about the way people dress and use too much money toward the sports teams instead of new textbooks, educational opportunities, etc.
It’s a small school, you know everyone who you go to school with mostly, when you need help on lessons your teachers could give you one on one time
It's a good school. Classes are great, staff is amazing. The teachers and administration really care about each students success. Prepared the students for life after high school. Whether it's the work force or college. They have a wide variety of after school activities and clubs to fit everyone. They need more sports though.
It was a very close knit community, though the fact that it was such a small school was both a positive and a negative. It was nice to know everyone in the school, or at least know a little bit about them, but there was also a lack of diversity both of race and of ideas.
I like the size of Livingston Central High School. It gives the teachers a chance to get to know each and every student on a personal level. The academics at this school aren't what they could be. I feel like the teachers should focus more on how each student learns individually instead of teaching how they know best of how the teacher learns best. I would like to see better learning resources in school and better teaching ethics. We need new books, majority of the books currently there are worn out or abused.
Overall, my high school experience was good. I liked the variety of classes, clubs, and after school activities that Livingston Central offered. One of the most unique classes I had the opportunity to take was Archaeology. We actually got to do our own excavation in the class. Some things that I would like to see change at Livingston Central are longer time between classes and longer after school hours for library availability for students.
I believe that schooling is the idea that we can be prepared for our futures, whether that is college, a technical career, or maybe even starting a family. This school system does nothing for their students future. Livingston Central thinks in the now, and how to simply move their students through the school system rather than actually making them learn something useful.
I liked that my friends were there. The education was not too great. I think they should really evaluate some of the teachers there and focus better on which teachers are lacking. My overall experience was okay, but I really don't feel like they prepared me for the real world at all.
My overall experience at Livingston Central High School is a positive one. I like the opportunities provided, such as the options to participate in choir, band, volleyball, and archery. I realize other small school students are not given these opportunities. I wish the amount of time for lunch would be extended. Often it seems as if the last of the lunch line gets their tray and sits down with six or less minutes to eat. I have noticed that it takes longer than twenty minutes for half the student body to make it through the lunch line and consume their meal.
The school doesn't really do much with the scheduling processes. Most of the time you end up stuck with what they give you unless you needed a class to graduate.
Students do not get very involved with the school. I don't blame them considering that they all stay in their social circles. I personally stay out of everyone's way. We aren't the friendliest of schools either.
There are only two clubs that I would say that everyone enjoys. Everyone loves our FBLA Club and our Beta Club
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I would never choose this school again. It is too poor for the academic classes that I need such as AP and Honors classes. Most of our AP classes have been cut due to another "budget cut" fiasco. The new Superintendent has absolutely no idea how to manage a school budget correctly.
The teachers at Livingston County are mostly good at teaching. Considering that they cut staff down, there are not enough teachers for every student to get an equal opportunity for help. There are only a few teachers that I actually feel comfortable enough to ask for help. It seems that they fired all of the good teachers and kept the bad ones. Mostly because they've been there for so long. My favorite teacher was removed after just having a child due to "budget cuts". Also most of the teachers are push-overs and they don't know how to control their freshman classes.
I like the school overall. It is very small and the kids get to know each other well. However, I do not like the fact that because it is small, there really isn't enough money to hire extra teachers for electives. Unfortunately, that means that everyone takes Spanish, because that's the only language offered. There are many examples like this.
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