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I would say the academics, when compared to others in the state, are sub par at best. There is very little diversity within the school. However, the teachers are welcoming and build genuine relationships with each student. The dual-enrollment program does assist in college readiness, and the programs are expanding. There are lots of clubs and sports teams available for all kinds of students. The culture of the school is very positive; family-oriented describes the area and atmosphere well. Administration changes are often and confusing. High school food is high school food, but our lunch ladies put in extra work to decorate cakes and deserts for major holidays. The building is in rough shape, but the janitors are very good and a highlight to the Livingston experience. Multiple science labs as well as a strong music and theatre departments represent the many different types of knowledge well.
My experience at Livingston Academy has been good. It was not amazing though I feel there are a few things that could be better. A lot of the teachers a good but there are some that are very great. The food to me at least is not very good. The learning experience is on the whole pretty good but could use a tiny amount of change. It is a very good school for preparing you for college and getting everything ready. The facilities are average and nothing special the building is very old so a lot is not really up to date. On the whole I would recommend this school. I would like to see the foods quality increase, the rooms to be more updated, and to have a more personal style of teaching and not so safe and by the books.
To be a Livingston Academy Wildcat is something I will forever cherish and adore the memories being a Wildcat has brought me. As captain of the wrestling team I would like to see wrestling being noticed more so than before.
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I like being a student at Livingston academy I have great teachers and I like that they try to help you advance and teach you that college is something you can achieve you have go for your dreams I would change the parking lot lol very dangerous to leave afterschool
Very nice school, with plenty of options throughout your 4 years. Including opportunities to attend TCAT and Volunteer State Community College for college course work while still in high school!
Livingston Academy is a horrible school that you should never send your children to. The teachers are horrible and many get fired on a yearly basis. The only thing I can say that I like about LA is Robin. She is the most kind, caring, human being and only single reason why I might pass highschool. Also administration is complete crap. No students like going here. Many fights break out due to bullying.
This academy would be everyone's mental picture of a small town school. The teachers are almost entirely made up of alumni, giving them attachments to the current students at the school. Everyone knows everyone's history. Diversity is seen as a bad thing. Academics are a little under average. Very few teachers are invested in their job, they just want to remain in high school. Sports are a key aspect, however, only the soccer team has had any amount of success in the past four years I have been there. The safety of the school is present with numerous SROs. Has many clubs, but very few invest time. The administration is biased to whoever has the most relevant last name. Chrome books are provided. As far a college readiness, maybe half of the school. The school's culture is toxic. Many cockroaches are there and mold present.
Livingston Academy is an incredibly typical small town high school. Football is huge. The cheerleaders are are popular. Definitely is the all American high school, just like in the movies.
I like teachers at Livingston academy. Everyone is friendly and most people are willing to help you. What I would like to see change is for there to be more class options. And I also would like for there to be more information on the different types of careers. They do a great job at informing us of all the different colleges but I feel like we do not learn about all of the careers.
The teachers always have your back. They will go above and beyond to help their students out, even if they don't know them well. Their number one goal is to make as many students' high school experience as smooth and joyous as possible. Though I was bullied from time to time, there was a significant amount of comfort knowing that the situation would and could be handled by going to one of the many trustworthy teachers. I rarely feared or dreaded anything about my days there.
I like how the teacher actually care if you were struggling and they would help you. There are great opportunity there like having the chance to get some college course out of the way by being a dual enrollment student .
The teachers are great and so are most of the students. I've made great friends here and the academics and school spirit are amazing.
Athletics is put on a gold pedastal, everything else, not so much.
Probably if there was a shooting or bombing, we'd be screwed. But hahahahaha hogeye football equipment am I right??
I just wish there was more clubs and classes to choose from. Very boring.
I hate this trashy school. Teachers suck, the students suck, the town sucks, lunch sucks, the halls are so tiny, football is more important than making the school look better. We saw roaches the other day and said it was the students faults and not theirs. Hahaha.... Okay then
Most of the teachers are almost more immature than the students. Most of the teachers are rude and impatient. They are judgemental. I've never seen a teacher show concern for a student. Most teachers have favorites and don't hide it. If you have big, important name in Livingston, you won't have to worry about them. They'll act like your best friend. A lot of them laugh and call you out on things. They have no respect or knowledge on mental illness at all!!!!! If you have anxiety or depression, don't expect them to care or understand. They'll ask you why you act a certain way in front of everyone and embarrass you. If you have social anxiety and can't speak 90% of the time, they see it as only a fear and that you need to get over it. No one respects your thoughts and opinions. You're dumb teens their eyes.
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There is a wide variety of clubs and sports at this school. Most teachers try their best to keep all students positive, even if some refuse to cooperate.
Sports seem to be one of the most important aspects of the school (other than education). Therefore, other non-athletic events get pushed to the side at times. Yet, there are an abundance of clubs for students to interact in.
Teachers are knowledgeable and MOST try to engage with the students. Some are definitely better with the students than others, but they all try their best. I feel safe at this school.
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