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Living Word Lutheran High School Reviews

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Excellent place to develop as a student, Christian, and a well-rounded individual. In my time, I was able to partake in choir, band, musicals, athletic teams, National Honor Society, and student council. You will be able to be involved in every aspect of the school. The teachers truly care about each and every student and will take plenty of time to ensure that every student succeeds. For the most part, you are able to tailor your education to your own needs. For example I was able to load up on science and math classes as those were my passions.
Living Word provides students with an excellent Christian education and a wonderful high school experience. There are so many opportunities to get involved, whether in sports, music, drama, and much more. All the teachers and coaches are truly focused on developing solid relationships and growing students/players into Christian men and women. It was such a blessing to attend Living Word and I highly recommend it to any student entering high school.
Overall, Living Word offers incredible opportunities to its students. It is an academically rigorous school, with teachers passionate to foster learning.
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I think Living Word is alright. I think a lot can be done to improve the school and make it a more enjoyable environment for the students. I believe that many students like it there, but many do not not feel like they fit in.
Living Word is truly an incredible Christ-centered learning environment. The teachers are especially considerate, compassionate and driven to have all of their students succeed both inside and outside of the classroom. They have a love for Jesus and for carrying out their vocations as teachers. At Living Word, you are vigorously pushed to perform your best in all of your endeavors. The school's environment is one of positivity and friendliness. All students have wonderful opportunities to chase after their interests in areas such as sports, music and the arts. Overall, Living Word is an extraordinary place for preparing young people for service to Christ in the world!
It was a great place to learn especially to get a Christian education and getting to practice your faith through school but the school is outdated.
My experience at Living Word Lutheran High School has greatly impacted my life in positive ways. The environment of the school is comfortable and safe, and at the same time, I am challenged everyday to learn more and push myself harder. There are a variety of activities to get involved in at Living Word, and everyone can find something that is just right for them. One thing that I would change about Living Word is the Winterim course that students do each year after Christmas break (basically, it's an intense 3-week class of your choosing). There are a variety of courses to choose from, but the work load of some courses do not match up with others. One of the courses offered is astronomy, and from personal experience, it took a lot of hard work to get an A in the class, while another course offered was art class, and it was pretty easy to get an A in that class. I think that Living Word should offer Winterim courses that have the same work load.
t'was chill. Some kids made me mad but those peeps are gone now it is nice and quiet with just a few weird freshmen
Living Word is a good high school certain aspects and a bad high school in others. Living Word is a great high school for athletics. However, they are not the best in preparing students for college courses.
Going to this school was the worst decision of my life. A message to all parents: DO NOT force your child to go here!!!!!!!
Living Word is an amazing high school. Not only are all of the students very kind and caring, but so are the teachers. Since it is a smaller sized school, it is much easier to get involved in any activity. The sports teams are great, and the music department is outstanding. There is always something for everyone here.
It is only an okay school. In my four years of going to school here I have been able to participate in athletics, drama, student government, music and other activities and through my experiences I have seen that the high school as a whole is not that great. The food here is amazing, and the drama program is great, but that does not cover up the fact that there are many terrible teachers, and the principle is mean and liked by very few of the students. With that being said there are also some amazing teachers who care about all of the students, and want to see them succeed in everything that they do. Really my experience here hasn't been great, but it also hasn't been terrible.
Living Word Lutheran High School has been such a blessing to me. Everyday I am excited to go to school because I know I am surrounded by teachers who push me and love to see me succeed, friends who support me, and wonderful opportunities to participate in fun extra curricular activities such as sports, music groups, and student government. Most importantly this school has helped me develop a strong connection with God and I am comfortable sharing and professing my faith in a loving way.
You are able to participate in everything. Everyone supports you.
Love all the great opportunities I am given at this school. I'm very appreciative.
Most teachers really care about you, your future, your academic success, and anything else. However, there are a couple of teachers that are not great.
The school orders lunches from surrounding restaurants. One restaurant per day, the students preorder.
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For the size of our school the sports and extracurricular activities are abundant and it is possible for students to take part in multiple activities at once.
The school has a very nice fitness room and program. The school is small enough that every person gets to play no matter how good of a player they are, it is open to everyone. There is a lot of school pride.
The building is great, it looks beautiful. The technology is runs pretty well. The school is a college preparatory school so it has multiple resources to further an education. The teachers are willing to work one on one with students if the student is struggling and due to small class sizes the teachers can work with the students. The school really depends on parent involvement it is greatly encouraged.
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