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Living Word has made me a better person and the teachers have not only helped the students learn but have made friendships with them. As a senior, I am blessed to know that I made it this far and that the teachers have guided me academically and spiritually.
I am alumni and parent of LWA. The school is founded on Biblical beliefs and is a strong Christian school. There are many diverse cultures and many students come from different churches. The Teachers are solid and do everything to see the student succeed. LWA has a high graduation rate, and most of the students go off to college.
I went to L.W.A. my whole life and now I get to send my children there. My step-daughter transitioned to L.>W.A. from public school and she loves it! She has matured so much and is much happier than she was in public school.
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I am a father of three Living Word Academy graduates, all who have college degrees and who are gainfully employed as professionals. My kids were all in solid classes and there was a lot of unity among the kids. They all had fun in sports and the academic prepared them far better for college than I was prepared by a much larger school. Most importantly, all three are still serving the Lord.
I have at various times helped out at Living Word Academy over the years from time to time. My 2 daughters have gone through all of their schooling there up to the present grade levels. I love this school! I thank God that my children can be taught by Holy-Spirit filled teachers that they know even outside of school. I am thankful that emphasis is put on the Bible and chapel just as much as a rigorous academic schedule to prepare them for college. I'd gladly pay any price to send my kids there over again if I had to. It is an investment in their future spiritual well-being as well as their academic success.
My kids love it here and I have never received a school threat text where as CNS during Feb/March and April 2017-2018 school year, I received at least 3 per week
If you are looking for a low cost private school education you have come to the right place. Living Word Academy was founded by Senior Pastor Robert J. Mazur and Pastor Bryan M. Rocine to provide a Bible based Elementary, Middle, and High school education alternative to a public school education. The Bible is preached every day to the children and the children fallow an education curriculum that compares to the top level public and private schools of the area. Your children are put in a environment to excel academically and Spiritually.
I love the teachers and having chapel every morning! It is a great school if you want your kid to get a good education and to have a strong Christian foundation.
Living Word Academy was a great place to grow and learn. There’s a very close knit atmosphere and our education was strongly based in the Bible. Our volleyball and track teams as well as our soccer league competed well against schools with many more students and more funds.
I attended living Word Academy for two years. Within those two years I had been bullied every day. They had been notified many times and did nothing about the situation. I was forced out of my Christian believes and taught a new set of them . As in, woman are to not to wear pants, all music on the radio ,even klove, would lead you to become unsaved, drinking even a sip of alcohol was a sin and many more. I would refer to them as a cult more then a Christian school.
This is a great school when trying to orient your child in a Christian mindset. It sets high moral standards for the kids while ensuring that they get a hands on education. The small class sizes help each child to receive the best education.
Overall a decent Christian school. The atmosphere of the student body is dependent on the students enrolled that year: some kids are nicer than others, that's the case everywhere. Every morning there's an hour or so dedicated to worshiping and praising the Lord , followed by a staff member, sometimes even a student, sharing the Word of God. Not many sports teams, only two. However there is a band and a drama club. Teachers are ok, learning and understanding is dependent on the student . There isn't any after-school help , but a new incentive was introduced the 2016-2017 called "Meet Your Teacher". This program is once a week and in place of a regular scheduled class where students can meet up w/ any teacher and receive help from a given subject. The school is somewhat diverse; there were only two minorities in my senior class (I being on of them).
I have gone to Living Word since Kindergarten. I like the close knit community, but it can be hard for new students to get into the social groups. The small class sizes make it easier to get one on one teacher help. There is daily chapel with student-led worship, something I have been involved in and I appreciate very much. The Bible program is very solid. Although there aren't a lot of clubs and sports, they are good quality. I have enjoyed my experience there.
Just an all around poor school
Not a great variety to pick from
Too strict and some teachers were just bad
They're not bad but some teachers need to go
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Because it is a small school, the teachers and staff know each student personally.
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