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Spent 14 years at this school. Wasn’t the best it could’ve been in the beginning but this school is making huge steps in all the right directions from the classroom to athletics. They have the right people in the right places getting the school better everyday
Most of the teachers here Truly bond with the students and care about the education. Time to time new recruits are brought in and Not Screened well. The students suffer for this, as the Administration would rather students grades fall, than admit they made a poor choice in a Teacher. There is favoritism toward the children of the faculty in academics as well as Sports. Employees children, get titles that more passionate or more talented athletes may be passed over for. The teaching staff seem to be very intimidated by the Administration and appear that they are not allowed disagree with them. If you have a valid issue and try to get a conference, you may get 1. If they feel they cannot defend their side, you can e-mail, but don't count on a response. There is NO integrity in Admin. All and all the school is a family owned Business and Dictatorship. Your student will do well if they conform and you have no disagreements with the Regime.
A great private school with well-trained teachers, intuitive office staff, and a love for their students.
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It has a loving atmosphere for my children. The teachers are very concerned for there educational and social needs. I would like to see more courses to help students use computers more effectively.
I've been there for 11 years and I have seen change for the worst. Which is very sad. I'm graduating this year and I feel sorry for the kids who have like 6 years left to go. The ACE system is awesome but the people (administration amd teachers) are very incompetent. All the good teachers are gone.
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