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Liverpool has great teachers and a wide variety of honors and AP classes that prepare you for college.
Great teachers who care and are involved with every student, not only in academics but in their lives.
I enjoy the opportunity for higher level classes, I wish there were more mandatory classes to prepare for after high school.
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Liverpool High School is a place that offers a multitude of opportunities through different types of classes, sports, activities and clubs. I've went to this school for my entire high school life and I still haven't had a chance to take all the classes that I've wanted to because they offer so many! Most of the teachers here are absolutely amazing, and the ones that stand out do so because they made learning within their class fun and interesting. My only real complaint is about how half the classes are at a different building, Wetzel, and they are slowly moving more and more classes over there. It's annoying when it's cold outside and you have to walk to every other class in the snow.
Unless you have money and part of the PTO your kids are looked down on and get pushed aside. If your child is quiet and isn’t overly talkative, they must be special ed. Classrooms are mixed with students who need special care and regular kids. If one of those kids who require special care says a regular student did something to them, the other child gets in trouble. Regardless if it really happened or not. Bullying gets overlooked. Kids who lie and get other kids in trouble don’t get in trouble for it. This school has favorites and it’s well known.
The teachers were all very helpful and encouraging all the time no matter what. The school taught be very valuable lessons that I will be able to use throughout the rest of my life. The administration was always very nice and kind to me and tried treating everyone the same. They would take initiative during situations when need be. he school introduced me to sports that I did not even know about before entering high school and am so happy that I did.
Overall it is a great school. I complain about school all of the time but it is not the schools fault. After I graduate, I will want to go back to my high school days. All of the athletic teams give everyone a fair chance and all have a winning culture. Most teachers really care about their students and will do anything to help you succeed.
Overall, the high school is a good school but has plenty of room to improve...I believe their priorities are not in the right order and that sometimes favoritism towards better students and/or athletes occurs.
Liverpool High school offers its students with numerous opportunities. They have a wide range of clubs that you can choose to join. They also offer a large amount of college and AP classes to help you broaden you horizons and prepare for the future. Along with their strong athletics and numerous extracurricular activities, Liverpool has many opportunities for people of all interests.
I had a very good high school experience. Throughout my years at Liverpool, the teachers were very invested in seeing their students do well. They also were very understanding and helped a lot when I didn't understand something and went out of their way to make sure I got it. There were also many school events and they made sure to get the students involved which I really enjoyed because I always felt like I was actually a part of the school community. The only thing I wish was better was the school counselors when it came time for any type of planning. There are many counselors because of the number of students that attend Liverpool and each one is different. However, many of my peers and I wished that they were more involved in helping us when it came to scheduling for the following year as well as college planning assistance.
I really liked all of my teachers at Liverpool High School I thought all of them were very helpful. the teachers are all super nice and they really know their subject areas well. I also like the amount of security that our school has. The teachers also prepare us really well for college and the academics are top notch. the administration is great and the resources at the school are wonderful. The music (band) department is wonderful and something that I was thankful to be a part from 9th grade until now.
Liverpool has excellent teachers that really try and connect with the students. It offers multiple different clubs and sports that let everyone get a chance to be a part of something. Most of all, it’s the best place to create friendships that could last a lifetime.
Overall, I have had an extremely good experience at Liverpool High School. I believe the courses I have chosen to take throughout the years have challenged me, and have ultimately prepared me for college.
Liverpool High School has given me many opportunities academically, athletically, and in many other categories. LHS offers a variety of classes, with something for everyone.
I have enjoyed my Honors level classes and most of my teachers are helpful and knowledgeable. I think there needs to be more done about students behavior.
Liverpool high school has prepared me for college in a way that I will never forget. Many teachers have taught me the importance of hard work and how it benefits you in the long run.
It was an extremely large school which made some aspects overwhelming, however teachers were caring and dedicated.
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Liverpool High School was a great and fun experience, if they could have had better food they would be 5 stars!
I loved my experience at Liverpool High School. The staff was always willing to help, and the academic programs were very worthwhile.
Liverpool High School was a good school. It provided many courses that interest me. There were many clubs and sports to join. However, I wish that they had more classes that were more specific to what people wanted to major in. There were general courses or for some majors there weren’t any courses available. I feel that it would have helped to learn more about what major someone was going to study. I also wish that there were more required courses specific to real world experiences like taxes and buying a house. I wish that we were learned how to do those things in high school because not everyone has someone they can go to that can teach them how to do it.
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