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Livermore Valley Charter Preparatory High School Reviews

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LVCP was an amazing school and I will always be grateful for all the lessons it taught me. This place became my new home and I was devasted to see it go. My junior year was the year I broke away from the negative influences in my life and actually became to blossom into my true self. The women's soccer team was a huge help as they became my family. We would do anything for each other and that sense of community and love is an extremely important and amazing experience. My senior year was a true testament to the willpower and determination of LVCP's students. It taught me to never give up on the things you believe in. It also reminded me that not everything will go your way and sometimes you will fail. But that's no reason to never try again. Life is full of failure and if you can't find the strength to persevere through them, you'll never see success.
Really nice environment, nice staff. Some really intelligent students, some need help. feel bad for freshman teachers. Sad school closed down
I was graduated from Livermore Valley Charter Preparatory High School. It was such a good school while I was studying there. Although it is shouted down now, I still think it was a great school and brought students a lot of hawk spirit. We as students who graduated from Livermore Valley Charter Preparatory High School want to tell you guys that it was a really great school, and I personally have an excellent experience learning there.
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Great experience. Fantastic Faculty and Parents. Solid college preparatory. Not a sports school but they have all sports.
I began High school here. LVCP was on the most welcoming campuses I had ever seen. The students, as well as the staff, were very inclusive and welcoming towards myself. Most of the staff worked tirelessly, to ensure that students were improving. The group was diverse in culture, ethnicity, moral, and mindset. Administration was strong, even though administration changes occurred more frequently. It wasn't until my final two years that policies and rules began to change. Rules were not upheld, and incoming students took advantage of the lack of authority. Administration lost it's sense of power. Rather than the school valuing education and individuality, the focus turned to being sure that students were able to graduate. The school became chaos, and it seemed that an increasing amount of students found themselves in trouble. My bias lies in softball but, the other sports at Livermore Charter High School excelled as well.
I'm sorry, an "A" rating with a 67% pass rate in reading and a 37% pass rate in math?! Compare this school to local district high schools and it loses. The corporation that runs them is in bankruptcy and this school LOST ITS WASC ACCREDITATION. Can't get much worse than that.
Tri Valley Learning Corporation which runs this school is in my opinion is not only bankrupt in their finances but in their ethics and morals. Steer away from this school. Little can be gained for your student there. No WASC accredited at this time.
Livermore Valley Charter Preparatory was an amazing school when it started. It was listed highly compared to other high schools and had a great cast of teachers and staff. However, they have hit hard times due to a supposed rumor attack toward them. Due to some miscommunication, a lot of parents took their kids out. Now, with recent changes, it doesn't seem like the school it used to be. I assure you, though, if they can get the right number of students, I believe they can get back on their feet and become the school they were meant to be.
I loved this school when I went, and I was the second graduating class. I was able to be a varsity cheerleader for all 4 years, as well as part of multiple clubs, take 2 languages, and be in two bands. It let me grow to be a diverse person.
I have had a wonderful experience at LVCP. I have loved the school culture and met wonderful friends. However, I would change the quality of the education and some of the staff.
Not a huge range of clubs
It's a small school, and everyone knows each other!
Most of our teachers are great! I get along with almost all.
the teachers give their all into teaching the students, and religious/political opinions are left at the door to educate from a neutral point of view and allow for the students to think for themselves.
there are so many different services to account for diverse needs. there is a lot of acceptance around the school environment, and student formed clubs such as the Phish club, Black Student Union, Gay Straight Alliance, and Feminism club
the school is at low risk. we've had plenty of drills to accomodate for an emergency, but there are no on site protection services or security regulations (or any demand for them)
there are a lot of cost free extracurriculars at our school. if there is a club in demand that doesn't exist yet, it is easy to get it approved and recognized schoolwide. recognized clubs even have schoolwide fundraising events and there's no pressure to go to clubs or remain in them if you change your mind
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parents that immerse themselves in helping out help out for everyone
teachers put their heart and soul into enriching their students with knowledge and changing their lives for the better. student opinion matters and teachers who are subpar don't stay for long.
Never had to worry about the safety of my child while in attendance.
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