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Livermore High was a great high school to grow up in. The community was great and I meet lots of new friends and people. The campus life is great and there is a lot of activities to be included in.
Some of the staff was problematic, leadership was poorly organized and didn't communicate with the student body. But the academics (which is the most important part!) was mostly pretty good. LHS has a great science program and the art teachers are exemplary, as is the music department.
Great Green Engineering Academy and instrumental music program. Incredible Physics, Calculus and AP Literature and Composition instructors!
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I enjoyed the academic atmosphere, teachers and all staff were awesome as well as clubs and overall athletics. Teachers always supported students in their future endeavors. Overall experience playing women's soccer was terrible because of parents of students and coaches.
Currently I am a senior at Livermore High and really I couldn't have asked for much better high school experience. Many of the teachers are very understanding and helpful and their main goal is to help you succeed and learn. Not all of our sports teams are very good but I can assure you that if you attend any game with some friends you will have a good time. The only problems I have ran into at Livermore High has to do with our bathrooms, I'm sure if you are in High school you know about the problem of vaping, and our schools solution to this is just closing certain bathrooms altogether, that means if you wanted to use the restroom you. may have to walk all the way across campus just to go pee. If Livermore High could clean up and keep the bathrooms open they would've definitely gotten 5 stars.
Overall, I have had a relatively pleasant experience at the school (though I’m still a senior, so there is still time for that to change!) Most of my classes were pleasant to be in, and all of my teachers were respectful to their students (while expecting respect from us, as well.) One thing that annoyed me was that the school, to combat vaping in the bathrooms, kept some of them locked. Sometimes I had to walk far to use the restroom, which was frustrating when I had to go badly.
The music program (band, choir, and orchestra) is one of the best to be a part of in the Bay Area. The two teachers are fantastic and improved the program significantly. I didn't have a single teacher I did not like having. I took several honors and AP classes throughout the four years, and they prepared me for the tough courses in college. The only criticism I have about the school is the lack of funding for the visual and performing arts and new textbooks for classes. The bathrooms and sewers have flooded on several occasions, but I think they are too old for the maintenance crew to fix permanently. I do acknowledge the school was built over a hundred years ago, so I do not see the plumbing problems as a big issue. However, the high school is where I met some really great people, and I will always remember those awesome days as a Cowboy.
I went to this school for all four years. I felt like the school had a strong sense of community and respect toward one another. I liked the staff and they tried to help you with anything you might need help with.
My experience at Livermore high school was a little above average. I definitely had some teachers that I didn’t agree with their methods, but I also had some teachers that I love. The art and FFA programs made high school all the more enjoyable. Being an artist myself, having a great art program helped me improve in my skills. The art teacher, Mrs. Borst, is my absolute favorite teacher because she taught me how to excel in my talent. As for the agricultural classes, they assisted me in subjects I wasn’t talented in, specifically science. However, taking those classes showed me that chemistry and biology can be easy and sometimes fun. For math, a subject I actually love, one teacher really made a difference for me. Mr. Gerardi made math enjoyable for me and for other students who struggle with it. Overall, my experience definitely would’ve been different without the teachers and programs that I was apart of.
I enjoy going to Livermore High. Most of the teachers are really nice and do their best at their job, especially the English department. My only problem is the bathrooms need to be cleaner and actually have soap available.
I would like to see more activities offered on campus after school. Better math help. Better sports facilities, more foreign language options, drivers ed offerings, more college prep, a health clinic, student behavior programs. More ways for students to feel connected to the school. Lunch time activities. Yoga offered on campus. Parking options for students. College preparedness help at the career center. More lunch options for students. More community involvement for ROP classes and placement. More mental health services for the students and preventative programs to help students deal with anxiety and depression and to have the tools to use when experiencing anxiety or depression. Livermore high could use a facelift and make the classrooms more technology friendly. The pool could be improved.
This high school has teachers that truly care about your education and want to see students graduate from high school. The teachers do give out a lot support and help with students struggling in school. The school spirit is one my favorite things. The school has many spirit weeks to participate in as well as activities. Everyone joins together and really celebrates their colors of green and gold.
The school has a trimester system which is one of the biggest disadvantages as it requires students to be quick learners, and the worst part is that the teachers don't put enough effort to do so. The entire school is lead by popular students and the teachers are typically very biased, but a few are wonderful. The faculty is pretty friendly. There aren't too many activities to help students and there are a large number of students vaping in the bathrooms which is very problematic and little is done to stop this. Overall, getting semesters, which is supposed to occur next year, removing the awful teachers, and adding more activities to help students would rank this far higher.
My experience here was awesome. I met my best friends and had amazing teachers who prepared me for the outside world. Music program was amazing and loved every moment of it.
Livermore High School is very friendly and always welcoming. The staff are well educated and always try to help the students achieve the most. They want what is best for each and every student and are very good at one on one help. Our sports teams are determined and focused with many wins. I have always felt safe and welcomed at Livermore High. Due to the education I have received, I am well prepared for college and life after high school.
The school provided you with an adequate amount of knowledge needed to be prepared for college however it is nothing special and is quite old.
As a student, I believe the school does not do enough to get young students interested in attending college and what their options are. Also, the administration can be seen as incompetent as they let many illegal activities, such as vaping, go unchecked on our campus. On the bright side, many of the teachers I have met have had excellent knowledge and personality to engage with the students.
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it is currently my last year here at Livermore High and it honestly came to a quick end. LHS is awesome with their clubs, activities and school spirit, but the school lacks in some areas of education. You can either get an awesome teacher or just an okay teacher who doesn’t really teach their students. The school overall is just average, but needs work for better teachers to actually help their students succeed.
While a couple of the teachers cared about their jobs and enjoyed teaching a bunch of teenagers, the majority couldn't care less about teaching. I hated school and learning because of my experience in high school, although after some time in college I realized that the teachers make an impactful difference in the process of learning.
I think that Livermore High School was a wonderful school with a lot of historic background that made students feel proud of attending. I wish they had put more effort into budgeting their money into different aspects of their school activities, such as more funding for the arts and other programs besides sports. I was involved in the music program, and while it was not funded well, it was an amazing and important part of my high school experience and something I will cherish forever. I just wish that the school cared more about the arts.
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