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Live Oak Middle School Reviews

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This is the best middle school in Tulare. The academics and the teachers are unbeatable compared to the other schools.
There aren't a lot of clubs since its just a middle school; however, they have clubs like science club, math club, and other clubs for art and band. The programs mainly involve athletics at this school.
This is a great school. Students learn a lot of information about topics that are very relevant in high school; however, there should be more life skills classes and study hall classes available to students.
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The teachers at this school are very approachable, kind people; however, there are a few who aren't as friendly and aren't as interested in learning about their students.
i loved attending live oak middle school
They have students from every culture and race and everybody gets along
We have police, security cameras, ect. but our nurse is not helpful.

We have a bullying website and a bullying club.
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