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I loved my time at Live Oak High School! The faculty and staff were amazing. They were always supporting us and making sure we had the tools to be successful. If you ever needed anything, the staff was there for you. The teachers were excellent and created a great environment for learning.
I have been at Live Oak my whole life. But the best years by far, has been high school. The teachers and staff have phenomenal teaching techniques, are very adapting, and overall good people. My AP classes are the ones I like the most. In an AP classroom students are allowed more time to discuss and debate their own opinions. The teachers do an amazing job facilitating all of our discussions, making sure we stay on topic. The learning experience in my classes is different than any I've ever had before. The environment in an AP classroom is different than in a regular course. The work is more rigorous, but you are allowed to have real conversations with real people, learning valuable life skills.
A great school with great students and great teachers. So thankful for my years there. I was the forth generation of my family to attend Live Oak. Everyone is kind and caring.
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It’s a very nice school, but the people are not the best. The see you as a number not a person. Very school spirit school, but they care more about sports and those who are involved in them than those who are scholarly involved.
Live Oak has provided me with the opportunity to meet many amazing teachers and friends, but the school lacks in many key points. The faculty can sometimes be unhelpful when a student has scheduling errors or other issues that must be brought to the attention of the office. The school provides adequate academic opportunities that are better than most schools in Louisiana, however Louisiana's education is not on par with the national level. Parents are involved, but they tend to blame teachers for problems that they have no control over. Some teachers are outwardly prejudiced against minority groups or different religions and when new policies are introduced by the school board, many teachers resist the change but will still roughly enforce the old rules that the school board has made. The school has barely any diversity compared to others, and there is an overwhelming majority of students that are white Christians.
I liked the fact that they had new and different classes that they never had before. They also have different pathways for you if you aren't going to college straight out of high school. The faculty is also very helpfully to make sure you succeed.
My experience with Live Oak High School this far has been great! It's a welcoming school with many academic opportunities. For people who enjoy sports, this is the place to be. Football is taken very seriously and a new baseball field is being built. A wide variety of clubs are offered however, Beta club does not accept freshman. Technology is definitely prominent and we use computers every day.
Live oak offers great opportunities for children to have many options in classes and electives! This school creates a great pathway for students to excel!
Live Oak High is an excellent school! It has many diverse programs, from Taking care of the teacher's children in the morning with CDA to helping the environment with the Science club. We also have numerous athletics programs. Baseball, basketball, and many more! Live Oak provides excellent faculty members. Teachers, coaches, even the janitorial members, creates this school's character. They participate in school activities, such as fundraisers and football concessions stands. The school grounds are immaculate and sanitary while showing school pride with posters and pictures with memories throughout the years. Live Oak is a fantastic school, Go Eagles!
Everyone handled their selves with class and were very determined. I would not change anything. I attended Live Oak as a small child. Growing up in a small town, everyone knew everyone. Later on in life, I had kids. My children attended the very same school.
Live Oak is an amazing place to learn. I feel more than prepared for college. At Live Oak, the goal is set high and teachers and faculty strive to help you achieve the goal. There are many AP and Honors classes that will benefit me in college. I really feel like I have gotten an amazing education.
I like the college readiness Live Oak High School has given me and I also have thoroughly enjoyed the AP classes available and that I have taken. There were an insurmountable amount of AP and honors classes available as well.
This school has allowed me to get a head start in my education. It offers multiple certifications!! I started off my junior year by taking a CNA course, which actually allowed me to get hard on experience in a nursing home, and allowed me to get my CNA certification!
Live Oak is an incredible school with several opportunities that encourage educational success. The only issue that I truly have with this school, there are some fields of study that are not offered. There is only one foreign language offered. There is also very few opportunities for students to have a say or get involved in big decisions that affect the school.
The teachers taught great and always helped out the students if they did not understand a topic in the class. Also Live Oak High was always full of energy , supported their clubs and sport teams, and were always open to new club ideas. Also the school helped students decide what their career path would be. The school provided classes for students to decide their career path and the teachers would help their students decide what career they would excel in. The only thing I did not enjoy at Live Oak High was the food they served their students. The food was bland, same food items every week, and did not look appetizing and I would like the school to change their food to more appetizing food. Overall, I had a great experience at Live Oak High School.
What I love about live oak high school is how nice everyone is to eachother. There’s hardly any hate between grades or teachers. Everyone at our school feels like family and it’s such a fun environment to be in especially when it comes to football games, school dances, and even just goofing off in the class rooms. When I go to class I always have fun yet still feel like I’m learning new ideas everyday and not only learning, but learning how to use some concepts and skills in real life. One thing I’d like to see change in Live oak high school is how AP students are treated versus students who don’t take ap classes. Kids who do not take AP classes are treated like they are not as worthy as those who do take them which is definitely not the case. I would like to see all kids encouraged to do their best in the class room and be prepared for college and life after highschool instead of just focusing on AP students.
Live Oak is a wonderful school. There is always someone there for you. Live Oak really prepared me for life after high school. The guidance counselors were very helpful by informing you about college deadlines, helping apply and sending information to your dream college.
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LIve Oak High School has great facilities and resources. There is no resources nor coulture and I would gladly see that change. It provided an adequate highschool experience. Sometimes it seems like favoritism is in play.
I’ve been in the live oak school district since kindergarten. I couldn’t have asked for a better education.
i am a sophmore currently enrolled in liveoak high, i truly wasn’t happy until i came here. i am pushed in the classrooms and find the environment uplifting and entertaining. never a day do i wish i wasn’t an eagle
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