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Live Oak High School. Where do I begin, personally the campus is falling apart. Through my years at this school theres campus issues almost weekly, weather it’s a pipe burst making the school literally smell like poop or loosing all water and only having one set of bathrooms. Besides all that, there are select teachers who are amazing. My hats off to the most beloved teachers, and hard working janitors for those kids who just don’t care. Also the athletics for the school are sublime. Almost all teams are record holders and if that’s your thing this school is for you.
I have been a student at Live Oak high school for three years. The campus is pretty small, but I would say fairly clean. The English department is magnificent, whereas other departments lack in qualified educators. There are physical fights constantly occurring on campus, and the campus had to get a policeman on site. The bathrooms are constantly being abused for vaping and vandalizing. academics are not so great, but extracurriculars are above average. Sports teams are constantly thriving, the band has very talented musicians, and many clubs are offered to the students.
I like Live Oak High School due to the great sports and we are safe there. The academics are good too but it is tough when we have a problem with teachers and their willingness to teach and a students willingness to learn from that teacher. Something I hope to see change in school is the diversity but I know it isn't up to the school on who comes but there isn't a lot to see. I also think besides what we learn in class, I don't believe I am college ready as I would hope and I have many questions that I have to research on my own rather than anyone else teaching me and/or knowing the answer to.
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What I would like to see change about Live Oak is the ever revolving line of teachers. Because the teachers are constantly switched out, each year is their "trial year" which is especially unfortunate for AP classes because students don't learn as much as they could, had they had an experienced teacher.
Going to live oak is just like going to any other school. The things that I would like to change is the buildings. Most buildings and classrooms are really old and restrooms and lockers are broken and don't even work most of the time.
The teachers are not very pleasant. I've been there for less than a school year and have already met some teachers who we not pleasant or should even be qualified to teach. Some teachers are very good, while others are not. The school spirit at live oak is just completely lacking. Only 20 seniors showed up for senior sunrise and the rallies could use a little push. And most clubs, teacher involvement is very poor. I wanted to hold a fundraiser for the Australia fires, but the teacher said that there's little to no way that it could be done. They were absolutely no help. So i just had to get a few friends and family to donate when the impact could have been much bigger if teachers were willing to help and encourage students to be good contributing citizens instead, the one I came across was lazy and unwilling. I do think that this school has a lot of potential, the administration just needs to listen to its students because they are the ones who attend the school.
I would like to see the teaching, administration, and academic resources improve in the future. Although I was successful in my class, I was not super prepared for the rigors of college and had to be very self-driven. However, the band program is excellent and there are plenty of sports and extracurricular options for students.
The school had very many extracurricular activity opportunities and it gave me a lot of freedom to explore interests outside of school.
It is a decent school, a lot of teachers really care about our education and the college counselors work with every student on their college career. However, it seems like teachers are always coming and going, and replacement teachers often don't seem to know what they're doing.
The school is nice, mainly because I am used to it. I have had some pretty good teachers that taught me well, but I also have had some bad experiences with teachers. For the freshman, sophomore, and senior years, one teacher was replaced with another one because of certain circumstances and the teacher that replaced them was obviously new and was not the best at their jobs. Many teachers are very biased in their teachings, even if they say they try not to be or aren't. Some might say to simply filter out the bias, but when the entire lesson that I have to learn is about a certain topic that can be biased, I have no choice but to listen. Overall, it has been an O.K experience.
Most of the staff is really nice and wants to help you. However, did not have a full time English teacher sophomore year, had 4 different subs.
This school is awesome and I can't wait to go there!!! My siblings go there and love it! (they are the ones who helped me compete this.... they are amazing and I feel live oak helps with that.
The school's current math department is lacking causing many students to not pursue all four years of math. There are are a lot of science classes which encourage you to take four years of sciences.
Live Oak High school is a great school for academics, clubs, and sports to really find a place we’re you feel comfortable and loved no matter how bad things may be outside of school. The teachers at live oak are very understanding and care for their students outside lives but still teach well. The administration does their best to make live oak a safe and loving place for students and staff alike.
There are an abundant amount of opportunities for students to excel at whatever they want to do. Live Oak has a very good band program. Live Oak also has strong athletics, diversity, and arts. Some arts include band, art, drama, and fashion. Live Oak has a good FFA program with our own barn.
I like how involved everyone is, especially with our sports. Live Oak has a pretty good parent support system.
My experience at Live Oak was a very traditional one. There was a variety and fairly diverse population on campus. Yet with this being said the outcome for each student can be rather different, and based on how that individual utilizes the resources given. There used to be highly experienced teachers, that created a uniquely fun learning environment. However, they have recently retired and new teachers have taken their place.
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I have always been proud of the students at Live Oak for truly judging by character. The "popular" people are those who are involved in many sports, clubs, and school pride, and are generally good people. Also, we have an AMAZING special ed program that integrates kids of all different disabilities in which neurotypical kids, and I have never seen anyone bully the special ed kids, more rather helping them in the regular classes they take, such as art or culinary. In fact, one of our best public speakers in school history was a boy with cerebral palsy who spoke with eloquence and respect, and he was loved by many. There are many students who genuinely care about the well-being of the school and success, and I feel I am surrounded by people who will go far in life due to their ambition and intelligence
Live Oak High School has been one of the best places for me to be in these last four years. The teachers, staff and faculty were so amazing and kind I couldn’t have asked for anything more from them. Everyone was always so supportive and motivational towards me and it helped because it was something I normally didn’t receive at home. Live Oak has a beautiful campus filled with some of the kindest souls you could ever find. The schools diversity has to be one of the best parts of attending Live Oak, everyone is welcomed by one another and there’s never really any issues in this area.
It is a pretty campus although it is fairly old; I like the outdoor plan. However, with our town growing, the classes are becoming more cramped in the amount of classes that we provide. Students are treated well by staff and students although due to the low salary of MHUSD, our teachers who are good want to leave or actually do leave. We are left with fairly average teachers. Students are nice and we for the most part all like eachother.
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