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Live Oak High School is a very helpful and encouraging school with the best staff members. They have helped me throughout all of my high school years, being able to get ready for colleges, community service opportunities, and many of opportunities such as dual college enrollment.
I came to Live Oak High school as a sophomore. The atmosphere was extremely friendly, I made friends on the very first day. The culture is very diverse and has made everyone more accepting of each other. My multicultural friends have shown me numerous thing like food and language that I've never been exposed to until going to this school.
I like how diverse Live Oak High School is. For a small school the have a variety of clubs, such as Key Club, Block LO, Environmental Club, Spanish Honors Society, Punjabi Club, Shakespeare Club, Strength and Conditioning, etc. They also have sports such as Basketball, Soccer, Football, Track and Field, and Cheerleading. I also enjoy the close relationships I have with my teachers. Moreover, Live Oak High School has allowed me to experience several opportunities such as the Shakespeare Festival, District Convention, etc.
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The diversity in Live Oak is unique. The educational purposes and the teachers will make their best efforts to support you as you finish high school and go into college.
I’ve been here for four years and so have my siblings. overall, i have honestly enjoyed it even though it’s a small school. I like that you know everyone and that a lot of people are very close.
What I like about Live Oak High School is the fact that even though it is a small school, you still gain a lot of knowledge and preparedness for college. For example, all seniors are required to complete a senior project to graduate and that helps with public speaking and getting out of your comfort zone. You most likely will know everyone by the time you graduate. The teachers and staff are really helpful and will be there for you when you need assistance.
I like live oak high school because it is a small school but has many opportunities offered to us, you just have to put yourself out there. We all support one another and know the counselor on a personal level. The teachers do care for your success and are always happy to see us grow. This school pushes us to do things that will befit us for college like Avid and community service. But, we also have a lot of school events to make our time in high school memorable. Being a small school we also have a lot of chance to shine. For example, one of my long time friends and I founded an art club this year. It is so easy to be a leader and I recommend this school to anyone who is looking to do good in school but also be close with your community.
I like the close connection that is built between the counselor and students. The staff works hard to ensure that students are given college resources, and they do well in helping us get connected with those resources. I would improve the flexibility of the dress code. I would also like to see new additions of different sports, such as a swim team.
My experience so far in Live Oak High School is great. Many teachers and staff are friendly and give you helpful advice on anything. I love to see how helpful they are and they will always try to help no matter what. Some things they can improve on is the food or bathrooms since they can be faulty from time to time. Overall, Live Oak High School is a great campus.
Live Oak High School is a very closely knit school where teachers and students have real relationships. The staff provides many resources for students by announcing many upcoming events and encouraging students to join clubs. Teachers and staff show that they really do care about students by saying hello and checking up on kids. I think the teachers do an excellent job at preparing students for exams and also allow them to be independent.
Live Oak High wasn't the big city type of school it was a small town where everyone grew up together and you go to the same places to hangout. However some may argue how our small town is boring but personally I look at other areas and their schools and it makes me realize how much effort our small town school dies for us and how much they care about us and preparing us for the future after school.
In Live Oak, we do not have the basic cliques that are shown in movies. It's in a small community so everybody knows everybody. I liked how teachers could see every progress a student has made and made them feel included.
I am currently a high school student at Live Oak High School, and although we are a small community with a small school, we are still given the opportunity to strive.
Things I like about Live Oak High School is the dedication and teamwork we have in the school. We all do our best to always work together to come up with solutions to problems and always be kind to those around us. Things I would like to see in my school are the security. Fortunately, our school has been working towards making our school safer by installing cameras around the school.
I'm currently a junior at Live Oak high school and I've been attending this school for about three years. Overall, I really love the campus of the school because it is very clean and well organized. Because this high school has approximately 500 students, I have very easy access to one on one communication with my teachers about subject I didn't quite catch on to in class. Although I love everything else about this school including the off-campus lunch, one thing that I personally don't like about this school is that it does not offer a large variety of classes/ electives or clubs that students can be a member of. Therefore, Students are limited on the options of classes they get to choose from.
I went to this school for four yearend I hated every minute of it. Most teachers are not helpful whet so ever.
LOHS is by far the best high school anyone could ever attend. Not only are the staff and faculty encouraging and helpful, but the students are determined to learn and pursue anything it takes to be successful. LOHS is constantly changeing for the better of not only the ones who attend, but the entire community itself. LOHS encourages grit and goodness. Something all highschools should aspire to achieve.
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Live Oak High School is an overall safe and friendly environment. The teachers and administration are all geared towards helping and preparing the students for a bright future. The majority of Live Oak High School's graduates are well prepared for college and end up attending prestigious universities and campuses.
The teachers at this school are mostly engaging they are alwys here for the students nd always here afer school f you need help.
We have many clubs and sports offered at this school. The students are committed to the sports and clubs they sign up for. We are very competitive and try for the best. The teachers do a great job of becoming club advisers or coaches for sports teams.
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