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It's a great experience. Personally it turned my life around completely, it changed my outlook on life and gave me a chance to become a better student and person. It may not be perfect but the environment and academics are outstanding.
I loved my years at live oak and I will always be thankful for the education I received. The only thing I would fix is shifting the excessive attention on sports like volleyball or football to some fine arts like drama or choir.
My experience academically has been excellent; I have been challenged without being overwhelmed, allowing me to learn well and thoroughly. A few downsides are the size (my class is a class of 23; I am an incoming junior), and as a result, the variety of people is limited. However, I focus on my academics, so this downside is not extremely prominent. Another downside would be how some of the teachers act. A few are opinionated and do not take into account that students have lives outside of school, and they assign a mass amount of homework. I can handle it, however, but this overwhelms my fellow students. Overall, this is a great school for college prep because it pushes you beyond your comfort zone, and yet does not place extreme stress on the students. My experience so far has been very good! Thank you
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I love my school. As a classical school, it has equipped me not only to be the best in STEM subjects (it has done that very well), but Live Oak has also taught me to be the best formed human I can possibly be. I am not only well equipped to go to college, and then the workforce, but I am also trained to use my abilities in the best way I possibly can for those around me.
Live Oak is a great school, in terms of acedemics, and has wonderful teachers. The education provided rigorously prepares students for college and provides them with a unique world view and mindset. In my experience at Live Oak, I have grown very close to my peers and built lasting relationships with teachers and faculty. I will always have fond memories of this school.
Live Oak teachers, although at times it seems overly controlling, genuinely care about their students Botha a human beings and for the sake of success. I couldn't have asked for a better education or better mentors.
Live Oak Classical School provided me with the unique opportunity to study classical works alongside a more normal type of education. Through my 6 year study of latin and an in depth analytical reading of several classical works, I believe Live Oak offered me a well rounded academic education. However, Live Oak also allowed me to grow not only intellectually, but spiritually and personally as well.
The Live Oak community is exceptional. The rigorous education program is a great preparation for college and the teachers are truly passionate about teaching and helping their students on a personal level. The rules and traditions, however, are a bit stiff and strict.
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