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Livaudais Middle School Reviews

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The school technology in my opinion is the best. The computer lab was extremely large and packed with 40+ Dell laptops. Also, has a computer lab with 30+ Dell desktops. Each computer was updated with school features like Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, and PowerPoint.
The school had a lot of fan support with sports. Each game of any sports would be packed with school students and family. The biggest fan support comes in is football. Most games would be a sold-out game. Each year the football team would enter the championship finals. Sadly, every year we go to finals, we lose. Even know we would lose, the fans would still celebrate the hard-work that was done on the field.
Each teacher at the school are very friendly. For any reason you couldn't get the lesson as fast, the teacher will teach you as needed. Also, each teacher gave tutorial sessions every week Monday -Saturday.
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The students around the school have there own personality. You also have a lot of group personalities. You have personalities that like to have fun, classwook student, and misbehaving around school. The most popular personality is having fun.
A lot of students would be in clubs like sports. Students would sign up for sports like football, basketball, and baseball. The most popular sport to get in was football. At each football game, a lot of students and parents came to support.
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