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It's one of the better schools in the area I suppose, but it's going downhill. It's full of progressive commies who dumb everything down. The sports are good, but that's about it. Pretty average
Overall, a good experience. A very good sense of community with a lot to offer. The faculty and staff are very effective and good in their teaching capabilities. The music and arts departments are really good for students and provide an open and safe space for creativity. The school is extremely unified by sports and community bonding.
I love Littleton High School. A small school, that does a very good job! Since the school is quite small, the people around you become like family for better or for worse. The teachers are the best! And I’ve never felt unsupported in my endeavors. When it comes to sports teams, we may only have around 10 but they’re always supported by parents and students. I’m gonna miss this place when I’m gone.
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The teachers are not motivated to help the students not because the students are bad, but because many of the teachers there are very lazy and just don't want the extra work.
The administration is terrible and only want the school's sports known. There is no attempt to make a few academic achievements known. They all things its sports over brains. The food is terrible and the building is kind of dirty; there are missing ceiling tiles and most of the lockers are locked away from student use. There is a major drug problem at the school and admin is simply giving people warnings, there is no real punishment.
All the teachers and staff members are super supportive and helpful. The sports teams were fun to watch and even more fun to play on!
What I like about LHS are our sports teams. We consistently have good teams. The other thing that's good about our is some of the teachers.
One of the things that Id change about our school is that I wish that we were able to take more college courses.
the school is average, the food could be better and the school could have better classes for college readiness.
Unless if you are popular or on a sports team, your voice won't be heard unless if you shout at the top of your lungs. You have to fight to be heard, and that is a major problem. We don't feel like we when that fight either most of the time, and that does a number on our self esteem.
My High School and my community are full of school spirit, and it really doesn't get any better than that. Plus all of the teachers are really nice and are there to help you succeed.
The extracurriculars are pretty great here. There could be more diversity in clubs but the ones that it does have are really pretty good!
I really enjoyed my high school experience, mostly because of the extra-curricular activities I was a part of.
It really depends on the teacher. There are some really great ones and there are also so not so great ones.
For the amount of students that we have, and the number of participants and sports we have as well, we do very well. It is widely supported, and funded. And all of the things we have are relatively in good shape.
I really enjoy sports, so that is why I said "it is okay", but the clubs and organizations are all made up of the same people, and limit other students to joining. We have few people who are involved and that is because no one seems to have the drive to want to join.
I have not really been challenged by any of the academics in this high school. And students who graduate often go on to college afraid that they will struggle with the workloads and curriculum being too hard.
Many of the teachers that I have had have been really great. They always go out of their way and make sure that they help out as much as they can, and many of the teachers are very intelligent and have taught me a lot.
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There is quite a bit of bullying, and a lot of social issues. I find that the group I hang around with is very accepting, and we get along with everyone, and we can talk about anything. But I find that peer pressure to partake in drugs and other illegal things has risen.
At Littleton, we really strive to accommodate every individuals needs, we have a unified basketball team, where special needs children play a full game against other schools. On the team are a group of special needs children as well as other students who help coach and guide them. This is truly a great thing, and this has been a big school spirit-maker in the past years. As for guidance, we have a few guidance counselors, and they are usually there, but are very busy and I find it almost inconvenient to ask for their time.
Our school recently instilled a "Life of A Crusader" program, (Life of An Athlete), which has helped to promote athletes being healthier and discusses substance abuse. At my school substance abuse is an issue and we have seen it growing steadily, and surely a large increase in the time I have been here. The teachers and administrators do a pretty good job about being open and available to talk too, and the blame should not be placed on the school system or its staff, because we know for a fact that most habits come from home life. We can only continue to educate students and families on the harmful effects of drug/alcohol use, and hope that it really "hits home", and that we can prevent more people from taking part in the activities.
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