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I had a very pleasant time at Littleton Highschool. The people are nice, the staff is amazing, and I felt I was in a safe environment. This school is very diverse, with students from so many different nationality's. And it's only getting bigger. I will defiantly miss all my teachers from this amazing school. I moved to Littleton in 8th grade, and the transition was very smooth and I felt like I made friends fast. People were so nice!! Having moved schools 3 times I gotta say it was the best school district I have even been too!
The majority of the teachers want to help you do well/succeed and form connections with you. There is an extreme lack of diversity but students try to foster a welcoming community for all. Students do the best they can with the opportunities they have if there were more AP classes and clubs it would be much better.
I am honored to be among this fantastic group of students and educators. Students first is what they exemplify. Very comfortable environment that supports students who go to teachers or administrators with issues.
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As a current LHS senior, I believe that there are a number of opportunities that students can take advantage of. However, there are often not enough classes, teachers, or classrooms for everyone to have the education they would like. Also, there is only one teacher per subject and its level, so it’s important to always make great connections as you will definitely have teachers more than once.
It is a very highly rated school in comparison to other MA school systems. It is small, which is good for class sizes. However, it is not very diverse and the administration needs to make a greater effort to change a sometimes intolerant culture.
Littleton High School offers a variety of academic courses, ranging from virtual high school courses to classroom courses. There are only about 450 students at the school, but there are quite a few sports teams for the size of the school. The bathrooms are clean and the administration is very responsive to issues throughout the school. The upperclassmen and teachers try to culture a welcoming environment for all students and there are quite a few fun events throughout the year, such as spirit weeks, pep rallies, and a new student orientation, which many students can get involved in.
LHS is very much a small-town school. Most students have known each other since elementary school, but new kids don't seem to have much of an issue finding friends. I think that LHS students generally care about their grades and performance in school, although they may not put in the work to get them. The limited AP courses that are offered always fill up, because most people are after the college credits, rather than any particular interest in the subject.
Athletics are a big part of LHS. Over 50% of students participate in at least one athletic season. Our teams perform consistently well (some more so than others). That being said, I would say the majority of kids are artistically inclined as well. Currently, almost a fourth of the school is enrolled in the band. Many others are involved in some other musical interest. The drama program is the most popular extracurricular activity outside of sports. However, the school does not provide any significant funding for the arts.
I have a senior and a sophomore at LHS. Their experience there has been nothing but positive. The teachers and staff are amazing and the administration is very involved. They are both involved in sports and clubs/activities. The school gives kids lots of opportunities to be well rounded young adults.
I moved into Littleton as a Sophomore, and everyone was very welcoming! The student body is very welcoming and kind, the teachers and administrators really try to help you get to where you want to be. It's a small school so some of the programs I was used to in my old district were a lot smaller, but that makes it not as competitive either.
As a small school, it is difficult for LHS to provide all the resources and opportunities that students need. There are not enough teachers and classes, but the administration and guidance department try to find solutions when LHS doesn't meet students' needs. The teachers are mostly excellent, and the guidance counselors are amazing. The school culture is heavily sports-focused to the point of neglect regarding arts and academics. There are very few opportunities for creative students. As a result of the lack of diversity of Littleton and its school district, there is an alarming undercurrent of racism and xenophobia. The school needs to improve in diversity education, mental health resources, schedule flexibility, and support of the arts.
Littleton High is extremely small is is very good for those who play sports. There is very little diversity, but all of the teachers seem to care and it leaves you very prepared for college.
Littleton is a small school that has a lot to offer. Their academics are one of the best in the state for public schools. LHS is also a very welcoming community always embracing new students. LHS also has a great sports prorgan with over 50% of the student body participating in a sport each season. I just recently graduated from LHS and I had a great high school experience and I’m prepared for the next challenge which is college.
My time at Littleton was short but amazing. I came to Littleton my Junior year, and I am in band and played softball last year and it was my first time playing. Everyone was so amazing and helpful playing softball and we won most of our games and I actually caught a ball and won a game for us. All the teachers and staff are very supportive and want whats best for you.
Littleton High is as small as it sounds. Though many students enjoy the close-knit sense of community where everybody-knows-everybody, it can feel suffocating at times. It lacks both racial and mental diversity; most students attend similar colleges and spend time doing similar activities. Sports are a big part of the culture here; Saturdays are spent at Football games and weeknights are reserved for track practice. The majority of students play sports and this is the main way to socialize in Littleton. The students are fairly reserved in nature. Academics are very good. Littleton boasts high test scores and GPAs. Administration can be ignorant but is overall pretty responsive to the student body. The facilities are average. The school occasionally runs into plumbing issues and lacks air conditioning, but is fortunate to have resources such as Chromebooks, iPads, advanced computer labs, and more. Overall, attending high school here is a decent experience.
I liked the variety of extracurricular activities and community service opportunities for students to participate in. I would like to see a more diverse school community, with a wider range of foreign language classes.
As the leader of the GSA I can confidently state that the level of acceptance for those of the LGBT+ community leaves a whole lot to be desired.
Our school is very safe. We have a great school resource officer that helps to protect and support our students. We have cameras and a school doorbell to get in. Our health program is okay, it is required freshmen year.
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There are lots of options at our school. Many people participate in different activities and everyone is accepted and allowed to join. Our coaches are very dedicated. We could use more funding towards after school activities to open more doors. Most popular clubs are humanitarian club and our after school sports like football, soccer, and field hockey.
Littleton is a home. We are a small town that gives back to the community and everyone knows everyone. I am fortunate to have such a high quality education and know everyone that goes here. We are open and accepting to peoples unique characteristics and it humbles me to see such acceptance. I would still go to Littleton if I had to do it all over again.
Teachers genuinely care about all students and it shows through our schools high performance testing. They give themselves to the school and students and I have made so many close relationships with multiple teachers.
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