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I love the educators and overall staff at Little ton High School. They treat every student with respect and try there best to improve our learning everyday. The environment is very welcoming and everyone feels excepted. One example of this is that I have never seen a student sitting alone for more than 10 minutes. Making friends has never been a problem. We have cultural variety which allows students to make friends with more people that they may not have before. It also helps students educate themselves on other cultures. The sports have an aspect of competitiveness but also focuses on teamwork, sportsmanship and also overall learning and improvement. I have found myself involved in more activities than I expected as everyone is able to get involved in something. Whatever you have a passion for, Littleton High School has an activity for you whether its sports, the Eco club, the Jew club, or student leadership. As a collective of students and staff we strive to bring everyone up.
I really like the staff and overall program, but the community and students could use a change. I also think that the school doesn’t put enough effort into making a good environment for students to be able to interact well with each other.
I liked everything about Littleton high school and they are really helpful, also if you needed anything there is someone to help you. it is a diverse school.
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I came to Littleton High School in the first cohort of Early High Schoolers (8th graders who began high school a year early). My experience at Littleton since has been wonderful! Due to its smaller size, there is an incredible sense of community and closeness, established by students, teachers, and the principal alike. Littleton offers a variety of unique clubs and sports that all students are welcome (and many do) participate in. The academics are also very good, espcially the IB program that is offered.
The school is very diverse. It made minority such as myself feel comfortable. Also the teaching staff was great. The Teachers were very academically involved in my academics.

The language arts program is great as well. Many students who do not speak English had separate classes where they were taught the language without being judged.

The AP classes were great. I took three AP classes and the students were treated like college students and high expectations, which was needed for someone like me who wanted to go to college.

The counseling team was great. They helped me prepare for college and helped me with college and scholarship applications.

One negative review is that the school's graduation rate is not as high as other school's rate.
Littleton is a school where inclusivity and understanding is prioritized, students feel supported, and differences are respected and appreciated. It is a remarkable place because in its walls students exist as a greater body whose main goal is to uplift one another and progress as a group. There are issues at Littleton just as any school has, such as a failing sports program, but the emphasis on technology, the arts, and humanities compensate for this. Overall, I would highly recommend LHS to any student concerned with a school culture of kindness rather than competition.
Great teachers with amazing talent to work with students , it was like a home for me , my first year as a freshman, everyone tried to make me friends with them especially in the ELL departed witch was for English second language
I loved the people, the teachers, the administration, and the programs offered. Overall a very positive experience
Diverse staff and students, somewhat safe. School was not outwardly focused on athletics. Parking was a constant issue for all staff and students.
Littleton High School was my first year at a traditional brick and mortar school and it was fantastic. The course content was mostly easy to understand and the teachers were very caring and helpful. students were varied, some were very ready for college and some weren't sure they would even pass junior year. facilities were very nice and always held to the highest standard and the pool was amazing! Overall I would recommend this school to anyone as long as you can get along with some of the iffy students.
I loved the small school atmosphere. I absolutely adored all of my teachers, and always felt so welcomed in each classroom. The staff is wonderful, helpful, and funny, and everybody loves the resource officers. It's always super clean, and smells nice. I really enjoyed my four years here.
It has pretty good academics, manageable to the point where I'm rarely overwhelmed yet still pushed to do my best. So far, the majority of the students are reasonably civilized and friendly. Almost all of the teachers are considerate and care about their students.
Great facilities, overall good teachers (some are exceptional, but there's a range), generally really nice kids and a super welcoming atmosphere. Not cliquey or popularity-based, but you're still rewarded for doing well at things.
Good experience overall but needs to increase the budget for classes like chemistry... science over all lacks funding.
At Littleton High School there were never cliques or bullying from what I've seen. It was a safe environment to be in an everyone felt safe entering the building. The counselors made sure you were taking the right classes to graduate. Especially in freshman year, when you couldn't find your classes and walked around every hall, if you asked anyone they would help you out immediately. Somethings I would change are the teachers. There were of course teachers who were super helpful and helped you raise your grade or with an assignments. But there were also teachers who would be annoyed answering questions, barely teach, or say unnecessary things. Besides the teachers, there were plenty of clubs, activities and sports. They always tried finding way to get people involved.
My experience at Littleton High School was pleasant the first two years. The teachers were involved and helped their students any way they could. After these two years there were few teachers who did not care for their classes and others who were annoyed with their students.
Good things are that you can be involved in many different things at once and that is very accepted. There are not very many cliques and you can belong everywhere. Most teachers try to connect with you on personal level. Sometimes, situations aren't handled as they should be, but things end up being okay.
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My experience at Littleton High School was amazing. I had continuous support from teachers and my counselor, regardless of my struggles at home. During my first three years of high school, I was very unmotivated and unfocused, and I greatly struggled with my studies. The last year I really pushed and turned it around, and without my counselor working with me to catch me up, I might not have succeeded. My cumulative GPA in high school is very low, however my senior year I got on the Deans List for both semesters, and that year the total GPA was a 3.7.
Overall it was a good school with good teachers but it wasn’t as diverse. The school wasn’t too big which was great because it allowed for more one on one help from the professors when needed.
Good experience, overall good teachers and academics and sports. A lot of diversity within the students and friendly staff.
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