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Littlestown Senior High School Reviews

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It’s the only school I’ve ever known so I don’t know what other schools have that we don’t. I don’t know what I would fix at all other then have better options of food taste wise.
I liked the teachers because most of them were nice and considerate. What I would like to see change are the courses available to students.
I wish the school technology would improve. I also wish there was more knowledge and assistance on the college application process, as well as finding scholarships to help pay for college. I like the teachers, and have had a great experience with my classes here overall.
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Great teachers that genuinely care about the students and their hopes for the future. Athletic coaches and director care about each athlete and do their best to work to improve everyone. Only thing lacking comes in the form of the useless guidance department. Two of the three counselors are completely incompetent when it comes to college and present day opportunities.
I liked the preperation the teachers and the rest of the Administration gave to the students so they can prepare for college. Also the safety the school provided with teachers reminding students what to do and where to go incase of an emergency.
Littlestown High School is a great school to many "lifers" in the town, and by lifers i mean the people whose families have been here fro generations and you've went to this school district since little up. As a minority I also feel like we are treated much worse than the rest of the school. The school primarily only cares about the kids who they think will go to college and any one else is pushed to the side. They have higher expectations than they should for a school with academics aren't that good. Littlestown has some of the small rates of diversity of most schools around them. Safety is most definitely not priority for the school either. They may have fire drills once a month in the high school but they don't prepare us for if anything else were to happen. The food in the cafeteria will be heated up and sometimes still served up to 3 days after it was put out the first time. Sports at Littlestown aren't a priority of any sort unless it brings money in for the district.
The teachers in this district are outgoing and dedicated to students’ success. Their professionalism and organization, as well as compassion was what got me through my four years.
The teachers and faculty were always great and wanted to help us succeed. If we needed extra help it was always there for us the principal and the guidance counselors always made time for the students.
There is no diversity present at all and the school is heavily surrounded by sports. Being someone involved in the music program it is unfortunate. Although, a lot of the staff is very encouraging and supportive. There are a few stragglers who obviously aren’t engaged in their career. The guidance counselors are not the greatest, but they are trying to implement an anti-bullying program. Overall, the atmosphere is safe and somewhat enjoyable, but there is always room for improvement.
Littlestown gave me the appropriate amount of education that I needed to be ready for the next big step of going into college. I also feel like they focussed on unnecessary things that took away from the sole purpose of high school like trying to make everyone like each other.
Littlestown High school is a well rounded small town high school. They offer many classes including technical avenues for someone who is not interested in going the college pathway. They are updating all their facilities with currently adding a new sports stadium. Their sports teams a pretty competitive winning their divisions in football, boys basketball, boys tennis, field hockey, baseball and softball. Safety is not really an issue but there is not a lot of ethical diversity like in other local areas. Teachers could use some help and training in dealing with unruly students but they do good with the teaching aspects of the students. Overall it is a good school to attend.
Littlestown High School was a good school that prepares students academically to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, despite really great ratings the past few years, it does not prepare everybody fully. There are a variety of clubs and sports that students can get involved in. Overall, it was a decent high school experience.
The lessons here are not engaging & teachers expect us to be able to view a brief slideshow on a subject & suddenly be an expert on it. The majority of the teachers do not care that students in all academic/AP courses have homework from every class & some give us at least an hour’s worth of homework. Some days we have 5-6 hours of homework plus extracurricular activities, so we aren’t able to go to bed on time & we spend the whole next day exhausted. I feel that only a few teachers truly care about their students. The variety of classes here is poor. Most electives are based on agriculture & manual labor, such as construction. Students with scientific interests must choose between AP bio, AP chem, AP physics, anatomy, or an agriculture class. We need more science related classes, such as zoology, earth science, animal science, or environmental studies. Also, more useful topics & skills should be taught, instead of making students read mind-numbing Shakespeare & Dickens works.
When I transferred to this high school, it was extremely difficult. Not many people were welcoming and it was difficult to adjust. However, I see the school improving and creating new ways to prevent things like bullying.
Teachers were great and provided a good atmosphere for learning. The teachers were very knowledgable about their area of expertise and could answer all questions asked. Most students did well if they payed attention and completed the work required.
It is a small school so there is not a lot of money for programs. There are clubs for nearly every interest. The teachers are good and there are great academics.
I would change the fact that there is little to no motivation in any authority figures except about things that aren't relevant. Sure, it's nice to have five spirit weeks a year, but what about the massive bullying and gossiping issue? Why aren't we as adamant about making sure everyone is treated with respect as we are about keeping our rank from dropping?
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I would like to see a major change in the staff...they are absolutely lazy and do not give it all to the students
This is a very small school. College is not a priority, but motivated students can find resources.
Some teachers are amazing, some mediocre, and some are bad.
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